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PNY Urges Customer to lookout against Counterfeit HP USB Flash Drives

There are plenty of fake and counterfeit products around the world and recently has become more prone to the counterfeit is the flash memory storage. PNY Technologies (“PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and Flash products, announce a statement regarding the fake USB Drives, recently a lot of counterfeit HP USB flash drives are being sold in the market. Customers who purchase these counterfeit, notice the problem only after they have brought it. PNY would like to inform the customers to check the device before they buy it and they must buy the HP USB flash drives only from authorized shops, distributors, and retailers. Similar-looking products purchased from unauthorized distributors are likely to be counterfeits and will not carry any warranty.
It is very easy to find out whether a HP flash drive is genuine or counterfeit.
Ø Find HP authentic label sticker on package.
Ø Slightly sway the label under light.
Ø The holographic HP logo on the label will have different appearances from different angles.
Ø There is an 8-digit serial number on the bottom of label, just below the hologram, which is unique to each HP USB flash drive.
Regarding the appearance of HP flash drive, there are two ways to identify whether it is genuine or not:
Ø In front side, HP logo and capacity characters are the special electrical plating after printing technology, which comes with 3-Dimentional effect.
Ø In rear side, etching with model name, CE FCC logo and date code.