March 1, 2021

PNY Introduce the Power Bank C51-Portable backup batteries for smart devices

Taipei, Taiwan – 22th April 2013, PNY Technologies (“PNY) considered one of the worldwide leader in consumer electronics market and Flash products, launched the latest portable backup battery series for smart devices – PNY Macaroon Power Bank C51.


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There is hardly a mobile phone these days that can go on for more than a day before its battery goes flat. Worry not, because charging your mobile phone with PNY Power-C51 is convenient and it refills the battery power of most mobile phones by up to three times more without having to charge from its own charger. The heart of the C51 is a high quality 5100mAh BAK Li-Polymer battery which is approved by FCC/CE certifications and SGS full battery capacity confirmation. Unlike commonly available low grade and recycled batteries, this battery actually performs as per the capacity mentioned in its specifications, thus ensures that the buyer is not cheated on this. Also unlike other brand of batteries which die out after only a few recharge cycles, the C51’s battery can be recharged 300 times without losing much of its original charging capacity.

PNY takes pride in making three commitments to its consumers here:

1)            No Recycled Batteries. (2) No Low Grade Batteries. (3) No Cheating of Battery capacities

PNY Macaroon Power C51 comes with two USB ports that let you charge two different devices at the same time. Two USB cables have been bundled along for this purpose. The output voltage of 5 V and current of up to 2.1 V is sufficient to even charge Tablets, iPad and other smart devices.

PNY gives the highest importance to the safety of the devices you charge. Its circuitry incorporates various protective measures such as protection against over charge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit. Smart power management controller ensures that the power conversion efficiency is the highest possible, thus minimizing waste of power.

The Power-C51 is encased in a rugged polymer enclosure that looks chic enough to be shown off. Unlike the boring designs offered by other manufacturers of power banks, the smooth casing of the C51 with a pleasant colorful appearance makes it a fashion statement in itself. It comes in Peach and Mint green colors to suit your taste or to match your MP3 player. A matching color pouch is provided along to store and carry along the bundled USB cables.

It is compact enough to be easily carried along. A power button is present on one of the sides to switch it ON or OFF to save battery power when not required. There is a 3-LED gauge that indicates three power levels (<30%, 30-80%, and >80%) and there is another LED that indicates the power status.

Armed with a 1-year warranty, the PNY Macaroon Power Bank-C51 is priced aggressively at just Rs 2500-

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