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PingPong Ties Up With Walmart, Becomes Its Payment Partner

PingPong, a top global payment service provider, with great pride, announced today that it has become one of retail leader Walmart’s payment partners. Walmart Inc. has over 10,500 stores and clubs in 20 countries and e-commerce sites around the world.

International sellers selling on Walmart’s marketplace may now choose PingPong to receive their payments.

“We’re extremely happy to announce our tie-up with Walmart. This will provide wider reach to companies doing businesses through this platform. Indian businesses using PingPong payments can extend their reach and basis thorough evaluation done by Walmart, limited companies will get an access to operate on the giant global platform and international sellers from India operating on Walmart US marketplace  will be able to receive payments through PingPong’s secure payment gateway” said Mr. Mukesh Sahu, Country manager PingPong.

PingPong payment Service Provider

As a payment service provider, PingPong has been helping Indian businesses reach global markets with its user-friendly platform since 2019. These transactions are known as cross-border payments that involve individuals, companies, banks or settlement institutions that operate in more than one country. These include payments in both the retail and wholesale markets.

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