Philips Introduces New Possibilities In Lighting For Northern India

downloadPhilips Lighting India, the country’s leading provider of lighting solutions, today announced its plans to address the professional lighting markets in Uttar Pradesh and adjoining markets. The company will strengthen its reach among the government, architects and lighting professionals in northern India. As part of the overall plans, Philips unveiled an experiential and interactive outlet –LightSTUDIO – in Agra which will cater to the markets in Uttar Pradesh and northern India.

Philips is driving the transformation to LED lighting at a very rapid pace and wants to bridge the gap between awareness and first-hand experience of the possibilities of LED lighting. The LightSTUDIO showcases the full range of Philips revolutionary lighting concepts that will change the way spaces are built and designed. With such concept stores and show and tell opportunities, Philips aims to strengthen its partnership with urban planners, architects and lighting professionals and together drive the transition to energy efficient LED lighting.

“At Philips, we are well positioned to support the market with products that feature international quality combined with local consumer insights. With the launch of LightSTUDIO, we establish our commitment to the markets of Northern India. Philips will offer customers the complete range of professional lighting solutions under one roof. Our channel partner and well trained personnel at the store will ensure an unparalleled customer experience with their consultative services. Philips, with its leadership in LED lighting technology, aims to benefit customers through its environment friendly, long lasting lighting solutions.” said Jitendra Agrawal, Head – Professional Sales, Philips Lighting India.

As a strong proof point of the importance of local innovation, the Philips Lighting Innovation Centre (PLIC), Noida has developed LED-based lighting products and solutions which cater to the specific requirements of the Indian customer. These products are designed to withstand local operating conditions like voltage fluctuations, frequent power outages, diverse weather conditions (dust, humidity, extreme temperature change) and the price points have been fixed accordingly as well.

With the launch of the newest Philips LightSTUDIO in Agra, the company now has 94 Light Lounges in India, 2 LightSTUDIOs and 1400 Light Shoppes in the country. The market for LED lighting is currently inundated with unbranded cheap imports that do not always satisfy energy efficiency and safety norms. Philips differentiates its offerings through innovation in design, energy efficiency and application of its global lighting application expertise. Philips aims to educate its consumers on the benefits of LED lighting solutions. Apart from the benefits of low power consumption, long life term and greater luminosity output, LED lighting can also help in better visibility on roads, zero damage to merchandise on display in retail stores, automatic dimming and brightening as per office lighting requirements etc.

The LightSTUDIO spread across an area of 700 sq ft at Maruti Plaza, Sanjay Place, is an experience zone which gives customers a ‘see, touch and feel’ experience of a diverse range of world-class professional lighting concepts from Philips. At the Philips LightSTUDIO, consumers will receive expert advice in choosing the right lighting design solutions to meet their unique requirements along with an experience of LED lighting systems that can revolutionize their office and retail spaces. Dedicated spaces in the LightSTUDIO for retail, office, outdoor etc. allow the customers to understand how the integrated lighting solutions work in given settings. The channel partner will undergo extensive training in new technologies and concepts of LED lighting through a Philips Lighting University module.


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