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Performance Test Showdown: Redmi 12 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy M14 5G – A Close Battle of Chipsets

As the smartphone market continues to flourish with budget-friendly options, the demand for powerful performance at affordable prices is ever-increasing. In this competitive landscape, Xiaomi’s Redmi 12 5G and Samsung’s Galaxy M14 5G have emerged as top contenders, offering cutting-edge specifications and advanced chipsets at a pocket-friendly price below Rs 15,000.

Performance Testing: In an effort to unravel the true potential of these smartphones, a comprehensive performance test was conducted to assess how their respective chipsets, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC in the Redmi 12 5G and the Exynos 1330 SoC in the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G, stack up against each other.

Geekbench V6 Test: In the Geekbench V6 test, the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G demonstrated a slight advantage, outperforming the Redmi 12 5G in both single-core and multi-core tests. With scores of 937 and 2,140 points, the Galaxy M14 showcased its prowess, while the Redmi 12 achieved 916 and 2,106 points respectively.

AnTuTu V10 Test: The Redmi 12 5G, however, bounced back in the AnTuTu V10 test, securing an overall score of 4,45,286, while the Galaxy M14 achieved 4,05,994 points. Intriguingly, the Samsung smartphone exhibited superior GPU and UX scores, indicating an elevated graphics performance and user experience. On the other hand, the Redmi 12’s superior CPU and MEM scores ensure swifter performance.

CPU Throttle Test: The CPU throttle test favored the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G with its Exynos 1330 SoC sustaining performance levels up to 74 percent of its peak capacity, outperforming the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2’s peak performance of 62 percent on the Redmi 12 5G. This suggests that the Galaxy M14 can deliver slightly better performance under sustained load.

Gaming Test: The gaming test provided an interesting revelation, as both devices showcased a comparable level of performance during a rigorous trial of the popular battle royale game BGMI. Playing at the utmost High frame rate and HD graphics settings, both smartphones displayed a satisfactory gaming experience with minimal instances of heating concerns, lag, or frame drop issues.

Verdict: In the battle of chipsets, the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G takes a marginal lead in two out of three tests and competes strongly in the third where the Redmi 12 5G emerged as the winner. However, the differences in test scores are minimal, translating into no significant difference in real-world performance for most users.

Overall, In the ever-evolving world of budget smartphones, the Redmi 12 5G and Samsung Galaxy M14 5G have proven themselves as capable contenders. The Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 and Exynos 1330 chipsets in the Redmi 12 5G and Galaxy M14 5G respectively, offer commendable everyday performance and deliver satisfactory gaming experiences. With the price bracket below Rs 15,000, consumers can rest assured that both devices offer remarkable value for their money.

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