August 9, 2020

PCB Power Announces Innovative E-Commerce platform

PCB POWER/Circuit Systems India Ltd (CSIL) has come up with an innovative concept where the company has PCBbuilt an online e-commerce platform where buyers and sellers of electronic components can come under one roof. PCB POWER has been selling PCBs, stencil printers, soldering equipments etc online since the last ten years and has 25,000-customer base and growing daily. While interacting with the customers, the company realized that there are lots of customers who require a platform where they can buy electronic components online. And this led to the building of PCB POWER MARKET.

According to Khushal Panchal, Vice President, PCB POWER/Circuit Systems India Ltd, “We have rich experience in selling products online. We have been doing this since last 10 years and when we realized that our customers were also seeking electronic components online, we thought of coming up with an e-commerce platform where a customer sitting in Kerala can order electronic components online from a manufacturer or distributor in Delhi. We will take care of the logistics, which means once the order is placed, the sellers get to know this online / through SMS / Email and he packs the goods and our logistics person will collect the material and ensure that it reaches the customer on the time-frame that he/she wants it to get delivered.”

The logistics part will be done by an outsourced proven partners of PCB POWER, and the company has already identified 100 electronic components suppliers and manufacturers across the country and the number is expected to reach 1,000 within a year and this would mean a bouquet of more than one million electronic components available to choose from the e-commerce site.

PCB POWER will be doing the soft launch of this e-commerce site in EFY Expo, Bengaluru to be held from 11th to 13 January 2016.

“I feel that it would be great platform to launch this e-commerce platform and we hope that one-of-a-kind initiative will appreciated by the industry,” says Panchal.

“PCB POWER MARKET (e-commerce platform) is a place where customers will be able to buy components online from various vendors based across India. Any component manufacturer be it active, passive, battery, cable, mechanical, consumable can list its products on MARKET with best possible price. PCB POWER MARKET will work very closely with vendors to ensure that service level and product quality are the best in the industry and reliability is not compromised. Customer will choose and buy components as per his/her requirements. PCB POWER MARKET will be responsible to logistics and transaction. We have created a massive infrastructure for the same and invested heavily in this system,” adds Panchal.

The company has put up a dedicated team of seven for this initiative and will be expanding the team as per the requirement in the coming fiscal.

Another interesting fact is that PCB POWER today sells close to 70 per cent of their products online and this shows their competence in this segment. Panchal feels that this initiative will go a long way in helping their customers access all the components that they will require in the future.