Paytm Launched Mini App Store

Paytm has announced that the Paytm Mini App Store has been introduced within the digital payment applications. The company announced the news after it was removed by Google from the google play store. Instead of giving native apps and developer tools, Paytm is not trying to give local applications and developer tools instead it is trying to host links to progressive Web applications which are light apps that can run within a browser with no requirement of any type of installation. For now, the Mini App Store doesn’t have a lot many applications registered in the app store but the company is planning to mention over 300 services in the coming days.

As per the company, the purpose of the Mini App store is to provide help to the small developers and businesses in the country to reduce expenses. Also as per the company, the listings will be free of cost and the applications can be opened within a window inside the Paytm app itself.


Image from Paytm

The company will also provide developers with free payment avenues. Although, a 2% extra charge is charged for payments that are done using credit cards. For developers, the company has also provided a dashboard for analytics, payment collection, and several marketing tools to better interact with users.

The Mini App Store is still in its beta testing phase in India and it has already populated with a handful of applications. The company has mentioned that over 300 plus services will be added to the app store.

To access the Mini App Store, go to the Paytm app and then click on Show More and follow to Mini App Store which appeared from the pop-up menu. The portal will allow users to have direct access for them to explore, use, and make payments through the applications, without going for any further downloads or installs.

Also, recently, Google has pushed back enforcing the 30% in-app commission for app makers in the country until 31st March 2022. The company said that this will allow Indian developers to have enough time to implement UPI for subscription options that will be made accessible on the Google Play store.