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PATA Electric Takes The Privilege To Introduce BATTBOT In Indian Market

As the pace of disruptive technological innovation has gone from linear to parabolic in recent years, penetration of BATTBOTs and _dsc00799artificial intelligence has hit every sector, and has become an integral part of our daily lives. Towards this, PATA Electric Company takes the privilege to introduce BATTBOTs in Indian market. These BATTBOTs are set to upend the Indian trend of robotics by putting automation within the reach of individuals and many small, medium & big sized companies for the first time.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen one, a BATTBOT is a battery operated robot designed to execute one or more Human tasks automatically with speed and precision and reduce the human efforts.

Mission : “Enrich the lives of people we touch and create value in the society by empowering customer with cutting edged technology solutions and improved lifestyle .

As of now PATA Electric Company, tried to expand in two major areas of BATTBOTs which gives a value addition to both in-house life and outside home lives

1. SAILOR Sway BATTBOT : Advanced personal mobility devices.

2. MOPBOT Cleaning BATTBOT : Advanced Dry and Wet Floor Cleaning devices.

SAILOR BATTBOT:                                                                         

After evaluating the utility and the trend of Indian customer outlook towards robots, PATA Electric Company introduces “SAILOR” the 6range of Sway BATTBOTs, which is the most viral mobility device that has hit the Indian market and is now here to stay. It is sort of like a skateboard that requires absolutely no energy for movement. It’s a Smart and fashionable way to navigate and is the new future form of personal mobility.

As the trend of automation increases, “SAILOR” believed by many to be the most innovative means and future of personal mobility. This BATTBOT on its own, makes the movement effortless and easy to use. It is abundant in terms of safety features, allowing people to have it used without any worries. It is considered to be a modern take on the classic Segway. It works pretty much in the same way, with the only difference being the fact that it comes in both the variants with and without handles, so it is operated the way you feel comfortable.


To make the mission of Swachh Bharat effective and within the reach of any individual, PATA Electric Company launched MOPBOTs which will provide Indian urban class with a technology-powered comprehensive cleaning solution that will address their domestic cleaning requirement and gift them unparalleled convenience of robotic dry and wet cleaning MOPBOTs options.

These small, disc-shaped machines can whizz around not only scrubbing away the dirt but mopping the floor and drying up after themselves.

Nishant Gupta the founder of PATA Electric Company says, “we employ ourselves as a goal-showcasing a line of products, which consumers will find interesting, serving a purpose to them, and finally; a product they can feel proudly to own not just due to the fashionable statement it represents, rather the way it facilitates their fun, excitement and some short commutes”.

We at PATA Electric Company taking constant adventure to reshape the world with an edged technology. World as a target, the India based enterprise built its R & D centre in India itself. As the promising player we have been dedicated to redefine the way of mobility and extend the benefit of cutting-edge technology across the world.

To create the awareness among the public about this new technology of personal mobility device, PATA ELECTRIC COMPANY aggressively participating and conducting events across the nation.

Recently we have participated in events like “Sports Expo 2016 & Smart Cities Expo 2016”and the kind of overwhelming response from the visitors we received, striving us for active participations in upcoming big expos and events to introduce more advanced models in the market ,said Nishant Gupta , the founder of the company.

Business philosophy

Creating seamless distribution network for BATTBOT across the nation by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry. We will do this by managing our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Presently PATA Electric has introduced 6 “SAILOR” range of Sway BATTBOT variants in the market:

Sailor Classic : This BATTBOT weighs only 10KG , 6.5’’ Tyre Size , and has a minimal learning time, so anybody can master it quickly. Plus it only goes up-to 10 Km/hr making it safe for teens. Also this model is Bluetooth enabled.

SAILOR TURBO : This BATTBOT is introduced with advanced technology and bigger wheels (8 inch ) to make your ride more exciting and sophisticated. “Sailor TURBO ” BATTBOT is enabled with Bluetooth  and also Its intuitive control can judge your every move in precise manner.   In addition, though the smart balance wheel looks small, it can bear about 110KG. Therefore it can serve for most people.

SAILOR CHARIOT – 1 / 2 : Again a two wheels BATTBOT with steering handle for short distance travel, Golf course usage, Police/security patrolling, big campus wide movements including huge warehouses and Hotels & resorts etc .The bigger tyre ensures to keep the shock rate at the lowest level and the improved dynamic balance system guarantees excellent performance.

SAILOR KART : Sailor Kart helps you to transform your smart balance scooter into a seated, three-wheeled vehicle which is stable and it’s smooth manoeuvrable gives more fun. It’s a unique BATTBOT which can be used for fun racing on specified tracks and fun in the field. KART can be used by all age groups and the safest among the lot.

SAILOR BABA : Its a new type three wheel BATTBOT ,especially designed for kids with impressive & popular design that grabs the interest of kids immediately. It have LED speed display and comfortable grip and easy to handle.

Second segment of PATA Electric line of product is “MOPBOT” range of cleaning BATTBOT which comes in 2 variants:

MOPBOT-D : This Cleaning BATTBOT sweeps the floor back and forth in straight lines using dry cleaning pads to efficiently pick up dust, dirt and hair.

MOPBOT-W : This cleaning BATTBOT is specially designed to systematically and efficiently mop the entire floor, wet , dry or damp, in just one pass. This MOPBOT having integrated advanced full wet mopping system which has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens the mop to remove stubborn dirt.

PATA Electric’s products have been tested by hundreds of volunteers and appraised with positive feedback. This moral boosting feedback and increasing demand is driving us to bring new and more innovative additions in the product family.

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