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Outdoortechnology.com Unveils Their Latest Wireless Audio Products


Outdoortechnology.com is a California-based company that blends modern lifestyle with the drive to be outdoors. The company offers real solutions for real needs. Outdoortechnology.com proudly unveils their latest wireless audio products that give customers more ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speakers

Nature lovers going on a hike but don’t want to leave their music behind can take the Turtle Shell with them. This is Outdoortechnology.com’s water resistant, shockproof, dust-proof, and rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker. It allows users to play their favorite tunes anywhere and share them with anyone they want.

The Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker features a triangle construction. It is tougher than it looks and can withstand the elements, making it a perfect outdoor companion. It comes with microphone and speakerphone functionality so customers can enjoy hands-free conference calls wherever they are.

Privates Wireless Headphones
Headphone collectors and enthusiasts are in for a surprise with Privates Wireless Headphones. Outdoortechnology.com gives the regular pair of headsets a spin with their new, touch-control wireless headphones.
What’s unique about these Bluetooth wireless headphones is its touch-pad interface on the right earpiece. It allows users to control the volume and change tracks with a swipe of a finger. Privates Wireless Headphones also come with a 3.5 mm AUX jack, and built-in call functionality.

These headphones are perfect for users who want a pair of fully portable and wireless product. Users can bring their Privates to the mountains, or even to the office. They can enjoy 10 hours of excellent sound and have fun listening to their music with the headphones’ comfortable ear pads.

Tuis Wireless Headphones
Headphones don’t always need to look rugged. Outdoortechnology.com understands there are times when you need a pair of classy headsets to take with you to class or to the office. The Tuis is Outdoortechnology.com’s premium Bluetooth headphones that produce one of the best hi-fi sounds in the industry.
The Tuis comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Customers can continue to use it even when a Bluetooth connection is not available, such as inside an airplane. It also features a built-in fuel gauge that shows power levels.

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