“Driving a strong R&D Structure to drive the company growth defines what makes us different from others.”- Mr. Ashish Mutneja, CEO, Quantum Hi Tech.

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Ashish Mutneja, CEO, Quantum Hi Tech, sharing his business strategies.

Mr Ashish Mutneja, CEO, Quantum Hi Tech

Megha Mary: Tell us more about Quantum Hi- Tech.
Ashish Mutneja: Quantum Hi Tech is majorly known for its consumer electronics, security solutions, IT hardware and peripherals. Our goal is to satisfy a diverse section of society, right from the common man to large corporations by offering affordable innovations through the product offerings and removing barriers for large scale adoption of advanced technologies.

The brand today embraces the product portfolio of more than 100 SKU’s in 12categories.

“The Products have gone through stringent quality test with 100% guarantee and stands strong on the product innovation and reliability. With over 1 billion happy customers across India, Quantum not only enjoys strong brand loyalty, but also unparalleled recognition to its work.With sales presence across all major cities in India, the brand is establishing its trustworthy tentacles, with state-of-the-art products that challenge the status quo.”

Megha Mary: What are the latest launched products by Quantum?
Ashish Mutneja: Quantum recently has strengthened its Power Banks and Surveillance category with several new additions to its portfolio. Among the Power Banks category Quantum HI Techboasts the widest range of Power Banks from 2200mAh to 15000mAh, suiting multiple needs on the go!

These Power banks aid multiple security features along with the latest Li-Polymer batteries, supporting faster charging. In our Surveillance category, we are emphasizing on CCTV.we have launched series of them with features that bring special focus on Night vision. By the very nature, most of the incidents one needs to record in a home CCTV system are going to be happening under the cover darkness. Both our Power banks and Cameras have received a very strong response from our Channel market, bringing innovative solutions at affordable prices for masses.

Megha Mary: Tell us about your latest range of IP Cameras.
Ashish Mutneja: One of our newest entrant: QDIS-IP-13MT6636 IP Digital Video Camera lets you see even the smallest of details on your screenwith its impeccable clarity. The camera also supports real-time video transmission for crystal-clear live monitoring along with 1/3 low illumination CMOS sensor,mobile surveillance support. Keeping utility at its focus, our range of IP cameras provides RELIABLE surveillance solutions.

Megha Mary: Tell us about your channel partners.
Ashish Mutneja: Quantum is a very channel centric company; we are more focused on our Distribution channel than the Online Retailing. We have over 200 distributors, 20,000-plus resellers and 20-plus service touch points that strengthen Quantum Hi-Tech’s foothold in over 1,000 cities and towns.

“Our Channel partners are the backbone of our success and growth in the indian Market. They have been extremely helpful in expanding across the length and breadth of the country, distributing the products to Tier II and Tier III cities.We work pretty closely with our channel partners we believe that in their growth is our growth and hence a lot of our schemes, activations/ promotions are very centric to them.”

Megha Mary: What changes have you seen in the power demands with the increasing use of Smart Phones by the Indian masses?
Ashish Mutneja: India has around 125 million smartphone users currently, the world’s third-largest base after China and the United States.

“When it comes to Power bank market, its primarily driven by growing demand from smartphone and tablet across globe. Increasing demand from decline in the prices of power banks, and growing power consumption due to large-scale digitization is expected to boost the growth of the power bank market in the years to come. The market has grown tremendously over last one year and the major contributor to the growth of the portable chargers is humongous sales of mobile phones in India. Mobiles have a battery capacity limitation because of the high features likes touch screen, Bluetooth, wifi, 3G/4G. Other than the standby mode and calling all these features consume battery power. So if your usage is high, you will need a portable charger every day. As mentioned, the adoption of Power Banks is anticipated to grow.”

The portable chargers are all over the place now in different shapes, sizes and mAh each suited to the dynamic needs. Quantum has launched mobile chargers upto 1 amp and soon will be launching 2 amp and 2.4 amp mobile charger

Megha Mary: What change in the sales of the security surveillance cameras have you seen with the increasing awareness of domestic security?
Ashish Mutneja: The surveillance market in India has tremendous growth prospects. It has grown multi fold in the recent past. Some of the market verticals which hold a significant share in the surveillance industry are Government and transport, banking and financial verticals and other commercial offices. The rising incidents of crime, theft, bank robbery and the growing awareness about benefits of the electronic security devices among the people have primarily driven the electronic security market.

“Among the diversified target media, there is a growing market of domestic security which holds wider attention. So according to me these are the significant changes which have been witnessed after the increasing awareness of domestic security in the country.”

Megha Mary: What are the latest trends in the Gaming keyboards?
Ashish Mutneja: In terms of latest trends gaming has the next BIG thing. Over the time, both PCs and the keyboard that accompanied them have fundamentally gotten slimmer as a rule. Sleeker, more slender keyboards turned into the pattern as portable processing turned out to be increasingly prevalent. RGB backlighting is one of them where emergence of tiny, affordable LED lights, back-lit keyboards. Gaming keyboards is an ongoing trend as keyboards have been designed keeping the gamers in mind. Another important factor is a keyboard’s “rollover”. Rollover means “how many keys can the keyboard recognize are pressed at once?”. If a keyboard has 6-key rollover, that means it can sense up to 6 keys pressed at once. If a keyboard has “N-key” rollover that means it can sense any number of keys being pressed at a time. Also with the booming popularity of smartphones, keyboards have moved from the physical realm into the digital. On-screen keyboards are the status-quo for smartphones and tablets, as they allow you to have a keyboard displayed on your touchscreen only when you need it, making a mobile lifestyle much easier.

Megha Mary: What is the marketing strategy of the channel?
Ashish Mutneja: Channel marketing is not easy because unlike direct marketing, channel marketing must be addressed to both channel partners and end user customers. Our go –getter Channel strategy emphasizes; When you are selling your services/products through channel partners, remember, you are really making two sales. The first is to persuade the channel to partner with you, and the second is to the end user customers. A good channel marketing strategy needs to address the needs of both of these stakeholder groups or you simply won’t get as many sales as you should.Our marketing strategy is to capture the market share and provide the consumer with quality products at affordable prices.

Megha Mary: What makes you different then your competitors?
Ashish Mutneja: Driving a strong R&D Structure to drive the company growth defines what makes us different from others. Our R&D Team focuses on innovative products and new technologies to support operational improvements that increase productivity.

Our products are tailor made to explore future in advance of consumer needs improving performance, bringing disruption in IT space at affordable prices. Lastly all our products, be it the smallest SKU comes with Warranty keeping the brand trust and value intact.

Megha Mary: What is your road map for this financial year?
Ashish Mutneja: With the advancement in technology and changing consumer needs we plan to expand our product portfolio further. Instead of the small niche of high end products we shall continue to focus on affordable devices that can empower the masses of India. To fulfil the demands of the consumers, we will be expanding our power bank series with few innovative features in them.

Megha Mary: What will be next in line products of the channel?
Ashish Mutneja: We are planning to launch mobile chargers with 2 amp and 2.4 amp charging. In addition to this we will be coming up with Polymer slim power banks.