OPPO’s R7 Will Have a Full Metal Unibody

Having been frequently exposed on major media and Oppo-R7social sites, the excitement surrounding OPPO’s much-anticipated new phone, the R7, has become increasingly clear. With an ultra-thin body, super-narrow bezels and an officially confirmed 2.5D touch screen, the OPPO R7combines the most fashionable elements of the smartphone world.

As a leader of smartphone design and innovation, OPPO has been known for its classy product design and state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise. From the world’s first motorized rotating camera phone, the OPPO N3, to the world’s thinnest smartphone less than 5mm thick, the OPPO R5, and the OPPO R1C with its stunning sapphire glass back cover, OPPO has proven its strong all-round innovative strength.

As the successor to the OPPO R5, which boasts silk-like metallic texture, a strong body and a unique stainless steel micro-arc frame and back, the OPPO R7 has even more to offer. In addition to the 2.5D touch screen, it continues the metallic design of the premium R series to provide a luxurious feel as well as a high-quality visual experience. Besides further increasing the metallic ratio, the OPPO R7 sports a metal unibody undergoing 48 polishing processes to retain the original metallic flavor as well as a curvy and lustrous charm, thus delivering a peerless feel in the hand.

On the basis of the micro-arc frame of the R5, the R7 has even more thoughtful features in its body curves to fit the hand perfectly. Though the R7 adopts a metal unibody, it’s forged in a way which provides more curves to ensure optimum handling comfort. As the time of release approaches, the OPPO R7 will soon reveal itself in all its glamour. Even with its other high specs aside.