Oppo Launches Super-Fast 15 Minute Flash Charge

OPPO unveiled a breakthrough SmartSensor image Oppostabilisation and Super VOOC Flash Charge technologies at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Super VOOC Flash Charge uses a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm ensuring a low-temperature charge that’s safe for the battery and dynamically regulates the current for charging the phone in the shortest time possible.

Nowadays, smartphones are taking over as personal cameras, making mobile photography performance a critical factor for smartphone buyers. Striving in its commitment to bring breakthroughs in the smartphone camera revolution and to offer users the ability to “take great photos anytime and anwhere”, OPPO decided several years ago to tackle the universally recognised issue of image stabilisation.

Optical image stabilisation technologies come in two types, lens-based and sensor-based, but due to the size limitations of smartphones, all previous solutions across the industry were lens-based. Relying on a groundbreaking MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system), OPPO’s SmartSensor, is claimed by OPPo to be the first-ever sensor-based solution for smartphones, as well as the smallest optical image stabiliser of any kind in the world.

With SmartSensor, OPPO smartphones become like pocket-sized SLR cameras, able to capture moments in breathtaking detail. Even when lighting conditions aren’t ideal, such as at a party or concert, SmartSensor ensures clear and bright images by allowing a longer exposure time.