Oppo India And Microsoft Join Hands For Its 2nd Edition To Support Startups

Oppo Elevater Promgram

Oppo India to help startups that are “Accessible technology” and “Digital Health” all those will be able to join India Edition Program.

Recently Oppo India has come with Microsoft to help startups. By its 2nd edition, the Oppo was elevated. In this second edition of the Oppo elevate program (OEP), the top 03 winners will be participating in the global level Oppo Research Institution Accelerator Program (ORIAP).

Starting May 19th, the Oppo elevate program startups will get a chance to win $46,000 each. 

So, seeing all this and taking to the next chapter. All those startups that joined the program will be called to Microsoft for Startups Founder Hub. Therefore, the eligible startup can receive USD 150K, which is worth the Azure credit. 

Those who are looking for such an opportunity by the elevated program. Where two different organizations have collaborated. All those that want this opportunity want it. They can apply for the same application for the 2nd edition of the Oppo Elevator program. And they started on 16th May and will continue until July 10, 2022. 

However, this has been initiated to empower startups by launching the 2nd edition of the Oppo Elevate Program and this will empower startups in the country of India. This is being aimed by the initiator Oppo to improve the innovation calculated in the country and assist the startups. All those have the potential to barge the new change in this industry. This will help businesses a lot and provide a unique platform for them. 

Moreover, the ten startups will be able for the technical discussion and get all the to R&D facilities. This is a great opportunity for the businesses that want to change and want to improve themselves and the industry too.

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