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OpenText India Driving Innovations for Customers Globally  

OpenText, a global leader in enterprise information management, has made the generative AI vision for enterprises a reality with its latest Aviator suite of solutions. The company has established itself as a hub for the brightest minds and innovators with a workforce of more than 6,000 across offices in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai,. OpenText’s India-based team is integral to the global operations, product development, and customer service. The development centres in India drive significant innovations for the company.  

 The recent launch of opentext.ai marks a strategic step forward, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) to enhance problem-solving through OpenText Information Management software. The India development team plays a pivotal role in realizing these innovations, reinforcing their crucial contribution to shaping OpenText’s role in addressing complex information challenges worldwide. 

 Key Highlights: 

  1. OpenText Aviator™: OpenText leverages the power of AI for latest innovations with OpenText Aviator™. This innovative platform integrates Practical Generative AI on Private Secured Data Sources, showcasing OpenText’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. 
  2. Business Integrations: 
  • Content Aviator: Transforming OpenText Core Content with a conversational search experience, managing structured and unstructured data at scale, and automating intelligent workspaces. 
  • Business Network Aviator: Revolutionizing business connectivity within OpenText Business Network Cloud Foundation, identifying anomalies in trading data, automating data mapping, and supporting intelligent decisions. 
  • IT Operations Aviator: Bringing automation to the full IT Operations value chain within OpenText SMAX, redefining Level 1 Business Support across IT, HR, and Sales. 
  • DevOps Aviator: Elevating developers globally within OpenText ValueEdge, enhancing application delivery, and providing actionable insights into digital value stream KPIs. 
  • Cybersecurity Aviator: Strengthening security with contextual threat intelligence via API cloud services within OpenText BrightCloud, reacting to threats in real time. 
  • Experience Aviator: Transforming customer communications and digital experiences through advanced LLM and generative AI within OpenText Exstream. 
  1. Private Cloud Aviator™: OpenText has also introduced Private Cloud Aviator™, offering a trusted partner for organizations’ AI journey. This includes a new Professional Service offering to help set up a private LLM, empowering organizations to experiment with AI and LLMs while ensuring data protection. 
  2. Aviator Development: Several of OpenText’s flagship product, Aviators, were mostly built by the India team. The company has strategically distributed its platform teams, with 97% of the Documentum team based in Bengaluru, 88% of the Grid platform also in Bengaluru, 90% of the Extended ECM platform team in Hyderabad, and 80% of the Magellan platform team in Hyderabad. 
  3. Titanium X Enhancements: OpenText’s capability roadmap and architecture, Titanium X, is being updated for deeper integration across Cloud Editions. This includes leveraging AI tools and foundation technologies such as OpenText Vertica, OpenText IDOL, OpenText Magellan, Core Capture for Machine Learning, IOT Services, Risk Guard, and more. 
  4. Talent Utilization: Leveraging the immense talent pool that India offers, OpenText is dedicated to fostering continued innovation and growth. This commitment is reflected in the significant workforce presence in key Indian cities. 

Muhi Majzoub, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer, OpenText, said: “For decades, enterprises have turned to OpenText for help with information management complexities, giving us deep experience organizing, connecting, governing, and protecting all types of large data sets. AI requires the foundational data strategies OpenText is known for. Building on this experience, we announced OpenText Aviator, where Practical Generative AI meets the security of private data sources, enabling unparalleled innovation for our customers. The successful rollout of OpenText Aviator, with many being mostly built in India, highlights the immense capabilities of our teams and the strategic importance of our operations in the region.” 

Saurabh Saxena, Regional Vice President, OpenText India, said: “India holds a very strategic position for OpenText. We are at the epicentre of product development for the company and can proudly say that we make in India for the world. From a business perspective, India has a huge potential for information management, more so with the push towards digitization from the Indian government. We believe that companies of all sizes can be smarter with OpenText as it is the integrated platform of platforms that help customers build, automate, connect, secure, predict and act.” 

OpenText believes that to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world, information must scale to support everyone and everything, everywhere, all at once. It means unlocking valuable insights and empowering people all while protecting their information and doing better for customer communities. Modern information management strategy connects data, secures knowledge and applies intelligence for any user, any data type, anywhere, at any speed, for any rules.  

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