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OpenAI unveils GPT Store for personalized AI helpers

OpenAI has introduced the GPT Store, offering users access to personalized AI assistants. Following the announcement of custom ‘GPTs’ two months ago, users have already created over three million custom assistants.

The store showcases assistants across various topics such as art, research, programming, education, lifestyle, and more. OpenAI is featuring assistants it deems most useful, including personal trail recommendations from AllTrails, searching academic papers with Consensus, expanding coding skills via Khan Academy’s Code Tutor, designing presentations with Canva, and receiving book recommendations from Books. Building an assistant is simple and requires no coding knowledge.



OpenAI Unveils GPT Store: A New Era in Personalized AI Applications -  FinanceVoyager
OpenAI Unveils GPT Store: A New Era in Personalized AI Applications

To share one, builders currently need to make it accessible to ‘Anyone with the link’ and verify their profile.

OpenAI has implemented new usage policies and brand guidelines for compliance, introducing a review system that combines human and automated checks before assistants are listed. Users can flag concerning content, ensuring a safer user experience. Starting Q1 2024, OpenAI plans to pay qualifying US-based builders for user engagement with their assistants. Additional details on payment criteria will be shared closer to launch.

For enterprise users, OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Team plans catering to teams of all sizes. These plans provide access to a private store section containing company-specific assistants published securely to their workspace. ChatGPT Enterprise customers will soon receive admin controls for internal sharing and selecting external assistants for employee use. Conversations within ChatGPT Team and Enterprise content are not used to improve OpenAI’s models.

The GPT Store and associated revenue opportunities aim to capitalize on the momentum of ChatGPT by incentivizing builders to create assistants that deliver value to consumers and enterprises. The store offers a platform for sharing and discovering AI assistants across various domains, expanding the range of use cases and applications for OpenAI’s technology.

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