In India, the Nord and 7 series of one plus have recently got security patches available in the form of OxygenOS 10.5.8 and OxygenOS 10.3.5 correspondingly. The details were shared on the company forums. The OnePlus Nord also has a couple of additional optimizations with the update too, while the 7 series, includes 7 and 7 pro. For that, the company has made just some system improvement. The OTA update for the Nord and the 7 series will be released in a staged method.

Updates for Nord
The smartphone has arrived with version 10.5.8.AC01DA, which brings some enhancements in the system, in the camera, on the screen, and also in the network as well. It also gets a hide silent notification in the status bar which can sieve off insignificant announcements. The notification can be enabled by going to Settings then Apps & Notifications then Notifications leading to Advanced and then press the Hide silent notifications button.
The extended screenshot feature has been recuperated and some other troubling problems have been fixed too. The company has said that the image stabilization performance along with network stability and general display calibration has been augmented too. Apart from these updates, the smartphone has received the new security patch as well.


Image from OnePlus

Updates for the 7 series
It brings a user assistance feature that can help the user quickly. It can be retrieved by going into Settings and then OnePlus Tips & Support. The pro costs around INR 42,999 and provides users with enhanced user experience with augmented power consumption. Other troubling matters are fixed as well such as the flashback problem with some 3rd party applications, etc. It is too provided with the new Security Patch.

The company has said that these updates will be launched in stages and it will arrive at all the users in the coming days after the company is sure that there are no problems left to solve. Also, if the user hasn’t received an update notification then they can themselves go to settings, then system and press for System updates.