EU to Insist Giant Tech Firms to Share Information

EU is composing to insist on giant technology firms to share the information of their customers with smaller competitors. It cited a primary draft of its landmark ‘Digital Services Act’ regulations.

The companies should not use the information for their commercial activities unless the companies make it obtainable to businesses with users who are active in the same commercial events.

The multinational tech giant, Google has supported measures that will permit users to switch amongst platforms and it will also not lose the data. The company is currently stressing on how to achieve benefits without forgoing the quality of the product or innovation inducements.


Image from Google

The European Union’s antitrust chief will proclaim by 2020’s end, to increase social media firms’ responsibilities and obligations for the post on the platforms.

The draft given by the EU suggests that big tech firms may be debarred from special treatment of their services on their websites or stages to the disadvantage of their competitors.

Furthermore, firms should not be permitted to pre-install their apps on hardware systems like laptops or mobiles or insisting other corporations to wholly pre-install the software.

As per Reuters, China is planning to introduce an antitrust inquiry into Google.

In the US, the government panel is likely to release a report into antitrust accusations against giant technology corporations.