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OnePlus unveils new experience store in Bengaluru

OnePlus has recently opened its latest OnePlus Experience Store at the Forum Mall in Bengaluru, India. Spanning over 1711 square feet, this store offers an immersive space for customers to explore and experience the complete OnePlus product ecosystem.
The store showcases a wide range of OnePlus products, including their premium flagship smartphones, popular Nord devices, OnePlus TVs, monitors, and hearables. By providing a comprehensive lineup, OnePlus aims to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.
Located on the second floor of The Forum Mall, the OnePlus Experience Store is part of the company’s efforts to create engaging and personalized experiences for its community and consumers in India. By offering a dedicated space for customers to interact with their products, OnePlus aims to better understand their requirements and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
The launch of the store in Bengaluru demonstrates OnePlus’ commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences and making its innovative products readily available to consumers across India. The store not only offers a wide range of products but also creates a unique shopping environment for community members.
Customers visiting the store will have the opportunity to experience and purchase the recently launched OnePlus 11 flagship smartphone and the new OnePlus Pad. The store also showcases OnePlus’ commitment to a seamless connected ecosystem experience.
With the opening of this new store, OnePlus aims to strengthen its presence in Bengaluru and provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for its customers. By expanding its retail footprint, OnePlus aims to meet the growing demand for its products while continuing to prioritize the Indian market.

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