OnePlus Smartphones Won’t Arrive with Pre-Installed Facebook Applications & Services

As per a report, OnePlus smartphones won’t come with pre-installed Facebook-owned applications & services. A few months ago, the company had received disapproval when it began pre-installing Facebook-owned apps & services on its smartphones. A spokesperson for the firm confirmed that beginning from the currently presented new OnePlus 8T, which will not have pre-installed Facebook apps and services anymore.

A report by Input suggests that oneplus will no longer preload Facebook-owned apps and services and it will only avail the pre-installed 3rd-party application such as Netflix on the company’s phones. It will be done for improving HDR video playback.

The firm had faced backlash for involving Facebook bloatware on OnePlus smartphones such as in Nord, 8, and 8 Pro.


Image from OnePlus


While people who use phones can delete the services and apps from their devices. Whereas, background Facebook services such as FB Application Manager, FB installer, and FB notification Service, can only be inactivated and not deleted permanently.

OnePlus had reasoned that the pre-installation of Facebook had made sure of improved battery life on Facebook. It had upheld that it will continue to install the Facebook applications and services on phones and then sell it in Europe, India, and North America.

The Chinese firm fell short of settling that it will never pre-install Facebook applications and services, but they said that it will not do such a thing in the predictable future. They also declined to comment on how prevailing OnePlus Nord and 8 series smartphones can uninstall the Facebook applications and services that already arrived pre-installed. Also, as per some source, the company believes that by removing fb services, user experiences can be disrupted.