Google Sheets Gets New Feature

The tech giant has brought a Smart Fill feature to Google Sheets. In which, now the spreadsheet application can detect and learn patterns amid columns so as to autocomplete data entry. Google has said that Smart Fill will create data entry faster and it is less prone to error. The feature can be applied for tasks such as extracting the person’s 1st name and then finding values in a table. The new feature will be on by default for users. It has begun to roll out for those who are on the Rapid Release schedule. While other users will get it from 5th November.

Declaring the latest feature by the company, they said that Smart Fill will make data entry much faster which is the same quicker as to how Smart Compose assists users to write quicker with lesser mistakes. If suppose, you have a column which is full of names, you might want to divide the column into something that starts with the 1st names and another with the last names. Smart Fill will automatically look for patterns and it will create a consistent formula, and then it will go on to autocomplete the rest of the column.

Other than using the data that is in a sheet, the feature will use information data from Google’s Knowledge Graph. It can, for instance, use public data to autocomplete a counties’ list wherein a list of cities is placed.

The latest feature can further use data from the user’s company for people directory to autocomplete data. For illustration, it can use firm-only information to fill in email for company workers. This feature, although, will be restricted to Enterprise Plus customers.

The major Smart Fill features will be accessible for all corporate, education, enterprise, non-profit, and private Google Account users. Smart Fill addition with user directory is obtainable only for Enterprise Plus customers.

The tech giant has also presented Sheets Smart Clean-up, in which similar intelligence is applied to help prepare and research the data in Google Sheets.

How to use the feature

Smart Fill will be on by default. To use the feature, open Google Sheets and then enter the data. To use Smart Fill, Mac users will have to press ⌘ + Shift + Y, and Windows or Chromebook users will have to press Ctrl + Shift + Y. to see the formula used, Click a cell. Users should note that other features will be rolling out in a few more weeks.

If users want to turn it off, they have to first open the spreadsheet. And then click on Tools then proceeding to click on deselect Enable autocomplete.