One Touch Response Offers Immediate Assistance Teams At Gurgaon Metro Stations During National Safety Week 2016

Through this gesture the company reiterates its pledge to protect citizens’ personal safety and security

In the event of a safety breach, commuters can reach out to the on-ground Immediate Assistance Responders for support between 6 pm to 9 pm from March 4 to 9, 2016

India’s first on-demand personal safety and immediate OneTouchassistance startup, One Touch Response (OTR) in solidarity with National Safety Day/Week 2016 has committed to placing its Immediate Assistance Team (IAT) free of cost at four key metro stations in Gurgaon viz Huda City Centre, Sikandarpur, MG Road and Iffco Chowk from March 4 to 9, 2016 between 6 pm to 9 pm.

IAT’s will be available to anyone who feels their personal safety is violated under any situation. Specifically, the volunteer IAT can be identified by their uniform ie red and grey shirt, red cap and black trousers, positioned outside the metro station near pre-paid auto stands and police booths. They can be reached for any situation/emergency pertaining to general help, road assistance, medical emergency or personal safety. The IAT’s will remain with the person till the emergency is closed or the situation normalises. This initiative is in keeping with OTR’s larger mission of ensuring the safe keeping of all citizens, in particular vulnerable sections of our society.

One Touch Response has rolled-out this initiative based on recent news reports that women, usually feel unsafe outside high traffic metro stations like, Huda City Centre, Sikandarpur, MG Road and Iffco Chowk owing to poor lighting conditions, lack of availability of transport for last mile connectivity, improper walk paths, gender biases, and a general feeling of being unsafe in Gurgaon, especially during evening hours. The primary objective is to assure people of Gurgaon that they can feel confident of their personal safety and be fearless at all times. The IAT’s of OTR are skilled and professionally trained in basic medical assistance including CPR, Unarmed Combat, Isolation Techniques, Evacuation & Crowd Management, Fire Safety, and Self Protection.

Arvind Khanna, Founder, One Touch Response says, “Every other day, citizens find themselves in various distress or emergency situations. During such situations, a quick and professional assistance makes all the difference. Our team at One Touch Response is committed to making cities and communities safe for everyone. Responding to the report about how commuters feel unsafe at certain Metro stations in Gurgaon, we decided to address this concern and assure commuters that there are enterprises that have taken upon themselves the responsibility to provide safety and security to all. During the week, our volunteers will extend all cooperation and assistance to anyone in distress and also educate them on safe living.”

OTR’s extensive database of vital services and professionals across Delhi and NCR, enables it to address all sorts of emergencies in a swift and responsible manner. OTR also offers a unique service, activated by the Safe Call button on the OTR Mobile App – wherein a member of OTR’s first responder team calls the subscriber at regular intervals during the commute or travel to ensure that s/he reaches the final destination safely.