“One first needs to be a good human being, success will always follow.” Mr. Asif Khan, Director, Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Asif Khan, Director, Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd, a company synonymous to distribution of IT Hardware products started its journey some 18 years. The company was started by two young entrepreneurs with the sole aim of catering to the ever increasing needs of IT industry by procuring & delivering quality products from world class manufacturing companies at affordable price. These two people were Mr. Asif Khan and Mr. Debasish Biswas. IT Voice had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Khan and learning about the various steps that were taken to take Technocrat to this level of success.

Mr. Asif Khan, Director, Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Asif Khan, Director, Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Talking about his initial days, Mr. Khan says, “I started early in IT field. For initial three years I worked with an IT Firm. But I had always thought of entering into Entrepreneurship. I was looking for an opportunity which I got when I happened to meet Mr. Debasish Biswas. We both started the company Technocrat Infotech Pvt Ltd in 1995 with distribution of L&T DMP and HP printers.”

Reminiscing about his earlier days he says, “We started our business with L & T, HP and APC as a dealer in the year 1995. With the change of time our business grew. In between, we joined hands with Epson in 1999 and from 1st April 2005, EPSON appointed us as a Regional Distributor for the East.”

Continuing he says, “The Company lived up to our partners’ expectations since inception and grew from strength to strength with each year as a team.  The Company has started with just 2 employees from a small setup and today we have 11 branches which covers the entire East and portions of North India. The employee strength also grew from an initial two people to one hundred seventy (170) plus in 2013 and current turnover of over of Rs. 300+ Cr.”

Talking about his current set of business, he says, “Currently we are associated with Adata, Epson, HCL, eScan, Philips, Genius, Mercury, Samsung, HP, Lenovo. We have 11 branches in India. In Jaipur we made entry some 3 years ago.” Talking about the strategy that will be now undertaken, to increase its brand presence, he says, “Having established ourselves in East India, the company’s focus now majorly will be to strengthen ourselves in Northern India market. At Technocrat Infotech Pvt. Ltd. we believe that no company can survive with a myopic vision of the future. Long-term vision, keeping a finger on the pulse on the upcoming trends and adequate preparation to meet those needs is what makes our support for IT needs.”

He dedicates the company’s success to the dealers and the employees of the company. He says, “The infrastructure and with the co-operation and support of our Principal companies and channel partners, the company has been successful in placing ourselves as one of the leading I.T. Dealer & Distribution Company.”

Mr. Khan’s life doesn’t just revolve around business. He takes active interest in activities that are beneficial to the IT trade community. Elaborating on this, Mr. Khan says, “Technocrat is life member of many associations in India. It through these associations, I address channel related issue for the betterment of IT business.”

Talking about the motto that has driven him to this date, he says, “I always believed that money is not everything in life. One first needs to be a good human being, success will always follow. Also, the family support from my wife and kids, have enabled me to touch new skies of success.”