January 23, 2021

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Go Forth With Compactness

olympus20-3-15Olympus launched the E-M5 Mark II, its latest mirror-less camera, at a glittering ceremony at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai. Marc Radatt, General Manager, Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific, who was visibly excited to share the company’s latest in the interchangeable lens camera segment, unveiled the sparkling new model. With the Olympus E-M5 Mark II, the next phase of evolution begins, as the body gets lighter, images get sharper and videos, smoother. It’s the camera that everybody has been waiting for and now it’s here!

Olympus has invested its years of expertise and knowledge into the E-M5 Mark II. It features the most sophisticated image stabilization technology ever experienced in the interchangeable lens camera. The ultra sensitive 5-axis voice coil motor is immensely responsive, so that you can shoot sharp images in very low light and capture steady videos even when the camera is hand-held. Unlike other DSLRs, which are heavy and tough to carry, the E-M5 Mark II is 40% lighter and comes with a splash-proof, dust-proof and freeze-proof body. There isn’t a lower maintenance DSLR out there! There are several professional level features in the camera that allow you to experiment and shoot high quality videos. Its best-in-the-segment touchscreen interface makes it a dream to adjust the AF point, aperture, shutter speed and do much more without interrupting your recording. For the professionals, it is the perfect camera that comes with a lightweight body, a high-speed sensor, a super efficient image processor, large interactive EVF, a touch-and-swivel LCD screen with angle positioning, lightening fast autofocus and manual focus that give you complete control over your image. You can shoot everything from fast sports action to dramatic portraits with equal ease. There is an entire range of M.Zuiko lens, professional grade glass with digital-capture optics, flashes, grips and battery grip to choose from, so your camera always has all the lens, grips and accessories.

Marc Radatt, General Manager, Olympus Corporation Asia Pacific said at the launch, “Olympus has always focused on quality, features and compactness. Our entire range speaks of these. India is a very important and fast growing market for us and by next year, we expect to have a 10-15% market share in this mushrooming segment. With our mirror-less camera range, we have changed the rules of the game. The E-M5 Mark II brings together so many great things in one camera that it’s tough to find a parallel. We understand that people still need to get used to the mirror-less cameras, which are the next stage of evolution in the DSLR category, and are thus investing a lot of time and resources in educating the users.