Largest Cyber Security facility in Bengaluru open by Accenture

Expanding its global security presence, Accenture has opened its largest cyber security facility in Bengaluru. The new state-of-the-art facility uniquely brings together interdisciplinary capabilities, ranging from the innovation, incubation and development of new solutions to strategic consulting and transformation, and the managed delivery of a broad range of cyber defense services, enabling clients to tap into the latest strategies and technologies to address their toughest cyber security challenges, As-a-Service.
The center is a cornerstone of Accenture’s cyber security growth strategy and commitment to a multi-million-dollar investment in new cyber security capabilities, platforms, and industry-specific solutions over the next several years. It will provide access to scarce security capability and demonstrated solutions designed to help organizations detect, respond to and cyber threats on-demand, at-speed and at-scale.
“Many organizations are playing a constant game of catch up when it comes to cyber defense and they are struggling to manage a fragmented security environment,” said Bill Phelps, managing director and Security lead, Accenture Operations. “The new center will be a hub for continuous, collaborative innovation – melding the combined brainpower of our clients’ teams, Accenture’s security and industry specialists as well as university and ecosystem alliance partners. Together we can replace vulnerability with capability by building innovative security solutions that can outpace cyber adversaries.”
Accenture is also launching its new Cyber Defense Platform, a cloud-based security platform that integrates key elements to quickly and affordably industrialize and scale a 24/7 managed security capability. The Accenture Cyber Defense Platform utilizes Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) to deliver advanced threat detection, correlation, search and incident management capabilities, and is built on the public cloud so clients can easily select cyber defense services, partners, and support options based on their business requirements, As-a-Service.
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. is tapping into the new Platform and the Bangalore cyber center team, to help secure its hybrid cloud enterprise As-a-Service. Freeport-McMoRan’s new security architecture is being deployed through the Accenture Cloud Platform to create a multi-cloud management environment with new cost-analytics features to better manage cloud usage and spending. Adding the Cyber Defense Platform to the mix provides a scalable, affordable, fast and standardized managed security service that helps the organization rapidly understand its security environment and get ahead of threats that target their hybrid cloud environment.
Manish Sharma, senior managing director, Delivery and Solution Development, Accenture Operations, said, “As we help our clients become digital businesses, we must also help them protect their critical data and infrastructures, and become more resilient. By applying our As-a-Service delivery model and integrating our extensive industry knowledge with leading innovations in advanced analytics and intelligent automation technologies into our security solutions, we are squarely focused on our mission to deliver persistent vigilance to our clients, so that they can confidently turn to what matters most for their business rather than the threats to it.”
The cyber center is the largest cybersecurity facility in the Accenture Global Delivery Network, which includes more than 50 facilities. Accenture has grown its security presence in India for nearly five years and today it’s one of the company’s largest geographies globally. Accenture employs more than 3,400 security specialists worldwide and has a global footprint of cyber centers in Manila and Prague.