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Nvidia Aims to Expand Technology Presence in Vietnam, Fostering Growth in Local Chip Sector

Nvidia, a prominent player in the semiconductor industry, is directing its attention towards Vietnam, expressing its intention to establish a substantial presence in this swiftly expanding market. Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, recently unveiled plans to set up operations in Vietnam, underscoring the country’s escalating significance in the global technological landscape.

This strategic maneuver by Nvidia extends beyond mere geographical expansion; it signifies a more profound commitment to nurturing local talent and cultivating an ecosystem conducive to semiconductor development and digitalization. The establishment of a center in Vietnam positions Nvidia to attract global experts, thereby contributing to the growth of the local semiconductor industry.

This initiative unfolds at a juncture when Vietnam is already assuming a pivotal role in the global chip assembly sector, hosting Intel’s largest factory. With ambitions to diversify its capabilities, Vietnam is venturing into chip design and potential manufacturing, responding to evolving trade dynamics between the United States and China.


Nvidia aims to establish a base in Vietnam to develop the country's  semiconductor industry, ETCIO SEA
Nvidia aims to establish a base in Vietnam to develop the country’s semiconductor industry

Nvidia’s investment in Vietnam, currently valued at $250 million, is anticipated to foster collaborations with Vietnamese tech firms and authorities. These partnerships aim to propel semiconductor technology advancements across various domains, including cloud computing, automotive technology, and healthcare, leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence.

The selection of Vietnam as a focal point for Nvidia’s expansion underscores the nation’s burgeoning prominence in the tech domain. Beyond its strategic location, Vietnam offers a talent pool and an environment conducive to technological progress. For Nvidia, this strategic move transcends conventional business expansion; it represents an investment in the future of the semiconductor industry and a recognition of Vietnam’s potential as a pivotal player in this field.

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