Now, users can mute or message specific people on WhatsApp group calls

Whatsapp is adding a new feature to group calls with the ability to mute or message some people. Previously users were not able to mute anyone on whatsapp group calls. But now messaging platform is also adding a feature for users to see when more people join a group call. Whatsapp recently added a feature in which users were able to make or join group with total members of 512 members. Whatsapp is working on  a feature which will manage request of a group with a membership approval option. When group admins enables the feature they have to approve all users who wants to join the group by using a group invite link and it will be displayed on the group chat. The group admins can manage all the requests which will be coming from the users who wants to join group. They will get this feature from group settings to enable this group request.

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