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Nokia collaborates with STL to enhance enterprise connectivity solutions

Nokia has announced a strategic partnership with STL, a prominent provider of optical and digital solutions, aimed at developing and delivering state-of-the-art enterprise connectivity solutions. The collaboration seeks to foster innovation, improve connectivity, and enable businesses to excel in today’s digital landscape.

The primary focus of the partnership lies in addressing the evolving needs of enterprises across various industry sectors. This includes efficiently deploying solutions for data centers and hyperscalers, catering to use cases such as multi-service premise edge connectivity, intelligent premises, and predictive operations. By leveraging combined solutions, enterprises can enhance their networks, ensuring high-speed, high availability, and low-latency connections for critical applications like 5G, IoT, augmented reality, and real-time data analytics.


Nokia collaborates with STL to enhance enterprise connectivity solutions
Nokia collaborates with STL to enhance enterprise connectivity solutions

Moreover, the partnership intends to target government-driven connectivity projects, leveraging Nokia’s leading B2B technology portfolio and STL’s expertise in system integration. STL will provide cutting-edge connectivity solutions for core infrastructure, along with Managed Services, complemented by Nokia’s next-generation networking solutions for IP and Optical networks.

Additionally, the collaboration aims to accelerate the Industry 4.0 revolution, unlocking transformative potential for enterprises. By embracing these solutions, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and drive transformation through disruptive technologies.

Praveen Cherian, CEO of Global Services Business at STL, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the synergy between STL’s extensive experience in connectivity solutions and Nokia’s technological prowess in areas like 5G and IoT. He emphasized their joint vision of empowering enterprises to unleash their full potential.

Vinish Bawa, Head of Enterprise and Webscale Business in India at Nokia, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the partnership’s alignment with their commitment to accelerate digital transformation across industries and governments. He noted that with STL’s expertise in end-to-end network solutions and Nokia’s experience in deploying mission-critical networks, they are well-positioned to redefine enterprise connectivity in India.

Overall, the partnership between Nokia and STL represents a concerted effort to address the evolving connectivity needs of enterprises, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and drive digital transformation across sectors. Through collaborative efforts, both companies aim to deliver innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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