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Nintendo Switch Reached 2nd-Highest Sales

Nintendo has disclosed Nintendo Switch sales which have crossed 735,000 units in the United States in October. NPD shared these numbers, and it includes both Nintendo Switch, which was presented in 2017, and Nintendo Switch Lite, which was presented in 2019. The company has stated that the October 2020 numbers are the 2nd-highest October sales of any video game console in history and it is followed by the Wii system that has sold 807,000 units in October in the year, 2008. These are the strongest sales numbers for Nintendo Switch till now.

Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling video game console for twenty-three successive months which is the longest streak since NPD has started tracking sales numbers. More than 22.5 million units of the video game have been sold in the United States alone, as per NPD. Internationally, the console has sold sixty-three million units according to Nintendo’s internal data.


Image from Nintendo

Furthermore, Nintendo has additionally proclaimed that users who have bought Nintendo Switch will get a download code for the digital version of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, further a three-month individual membership to Nintendo Switch Online. This bundle will be accessible from 22nd November in the United States with prices starting at approx. 300 dollars.

Presently, the company has hiked the sales forecast for the Switch to 2.4 crore units by next year’s March as the pandemic has boosted consumer spending on home gaming. It conveyed an operating profit between April and September to be 291.4 billion Japanese yen that was 3 times 2019’s profit at the same time.