January 26, 2021

Nikon Launches Its New Selfie Stick–N-MP001

Nikon quietly introduced a selfie stick (N-MP001) accessory for Selfie Stick–N-MP001select Coolpix family models. The gadget costs $60 a pop and is available for pre-order at major US retailers.

The Nikon’s selfie stick extends to 72.49-cm (28.54 inches) when on its full length and weighs for around 186 grams. The selfie stick by Nikon is for Digital Cameras that weighs upto 400 grams. It connects to the tripod socket of compatible Nikon cameras and also features a tripod socket at the bottom of the handle for versatility.

 Nikon’s Selfie Stick has got a foam grip for comfort and a hand strap for easy carrying.

It has also got a fixed pan-head which allows users to change the position of the camera easily when it is attached to the Selfie stick. Nikon did not reveal the price of the product.

The selfie stick-compatible Nikon Coolpix family models include S6900, L32, AW130, S33, S9900, S7000, and S3700.