Next Gen Bendable Phones To Hit The Market In 2014

lg-logo2LG could be launching phones with flexible display screen between this year and mid-2014. The South Korean giant is apparently gearing up to produce almost 12,000 sheets of flexible OLED displays on a monthly basis. Steve Koh, head of mobile communications for the company, said at the launch of the LG Optimus G Pro that such phones should be around by the middle of the next year.

The Android operating system has seemingly been chosen for LG’s first such offering in this arena, but Koh also said that the company is working on the Windows versions as well. The Windows versions though will come to the market later with Android being at the forefront of the research right now.

LG’s flexible display phones though aren’t the only ones supposed to hit the stores. Both Samsung and Nokia have been working on, what they call bendable phones, since the beginning of 2011.

The Samsung Galaxy Skin and Nokia 888 have been rumoured to come into the market for quite some time now. Both these phones will have bendable or flexible screens, with capabilities like being bent into circles and work like bracelets. The Nokia 888 is even rumoured to have new types of emoticons. Reportedly, the phone itself will change its shape- for example, if a user sends a heart to a friend, then the phone will take the shape of a heart.