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Newest update enhances performance and security features of google chrome browser

Google Chrome has recently undergone a comprehensive update, with a primary focus on enhancing the browser’s security and performance aspects. The latest version, designated as M12, introduces improvements to the Memory Saver and Safety Check features of the web browser.

Upon updating to the latest version of Google Chrome, users can anticipate improved performance and heightened security. Notably, the update introduces the capability to save tab groups, contributing to a more streamlined and productive browsing experience. To ensure you have the latest version, follow the provided link for a hassle-free update.

It’s essential to note that the rollout of the new Chrome update may not be instantaneous for everyone. Google has indicated that the update will be gradually distributed throughout the week, allowing users to benefit from these enhancements over time.




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How to use Google Chrome like a pro

At the core of Google Chrome’s security measures is the Safety Check, serving as a central hub for monitoring security updates and assessing the integrity of saved passwords. The Safety Check also incorporates Safe Browsing, enhancing privacy safeguards during online activities.

With the M12 update, Chrome’s Safety Check takes a more proactive stance. Operating automatically in the background, it continuously ensures users experience the safest browsing environment. Sabine Borsay, Product Manager, explains that users will receive proactive alerts in the event of compromised passwords or potentially harmful extensions.

Moreover, the security hub now checks for browser updates and provides alerts when site permissions demand attention. All alerts are conveniently displayed at the top-right section of the browser, offering a comprehensive overview of potential security issues.

In terms of site permissions, Safety Check can now automatically revoke access to features such as the microphone, camera, or location if a site remains inactive for an extended period. Additionally, users will receive alerts when infrequently visited sites attempt to inundate them with notifications, with the suggestion to disable notifications from the site.

The Memory Saver mode, initially introduced in 2022 and recently extended to all Chrome users, plays a crucial role in optimizing memory usage. By freeing up memory from inactive tabs, users can enhance overall system performance. Hovering over tabs reveals the amount of memory each tab is consuming, providing insights into potential memory savings.

Google Chrome further simplifies the optimization process by allowing users to specify sites for which Memory Saver should remain active. Customizing these settings can be achieved through the Performance tab in the browser’s settings, providing users with greater control over their browsing experience.

The latest update also introduces the feature of saved tab groups, addressing the inconvenience of reopening all previously accessed tabs after a hiatus. With this feature, users can seamlessly resume their work from where they left off, with the added benefit of naming and organizing tab groups. While this feature may not be immediately available to all users, Google assures a gradual rollout over the next few weeks.

In summary, the M12 update for Google Chrome represents a significant step forward in optimizing both security and performance aspects. Users can look forward to a more proactive and secure browsing experience, coupled with convenient features like saved tab groups and enhanced memory management. Keep an eye out for the gradual rollout to ensure you can take advantage of these improvements in due course.

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