New Freedom OS 1.1 To Enhance User Experience Of Swipe Elite

The update that includes 12 enhancements is being rolled out to the customers through carriers around the world beginning today

Following the overwhelming success of its new “Freedom Swipe-ELITEOS”, Swipe Technologies, and India’s leading mobile communications devices maker, today announced the launch of “Freedom OS – V 1.1”, a set of updates exclusively for the users of Swipe Elite Smartphone’s, taking the experience of customization to the next level.

A mobile revolution is under way in India with Smartphone’s now outnumbering PCs and desktops. According to a research by the IAMAI (Internet & Mobile Association of India) and KPMG, India is set to become the third largest Smartphone market in the world with 314 million mobile internet users by 2017. Another report by Vserv, a data platform for mobile marketing and commerce, estimates that the Smartphone users spend an average of 169 minutes per day on their mobile device. Of this, a good amount of time is used in accessing basic phone features like dialing a call, looking through call logs, viewing and editing contacts, locking the screen etc. With its “Freedom OS 1.1” update, Swipe aims to save consumer’s time spent on these basic features.

Commenting on the update, Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO Swipe Technologies said, “In today’s fast-paced life, most of us are short of time. Given that a substantial amount of our days’ time is spent on our phone, it is important that phones become smart enough for consumers to save time on basic features. Apart from this, the “Freedom OS” is a visually intelligent User Interface that also allows a person to bring out their individuality and style with customizable themes and other exciting features.”

The all-new “Freedom OS 1.1” comes loaded with 12 exclusive features that clearly differentiate it from the competition. These features include:

1. All new dialer themes
Swipe has introduced a dial-pad with DIY themes support for the first time in India. With this amazing feature, one can now apply different themes to the dialer, change the color combination as well as the look-and-feel of the dialer. Users can also choose themes, define the theme that they want to use and change color according to their preferences. The user can now not only customize primary colors; dial-pad color and digits color, but can also do a lot of other customization with these themes.

2. Re-arrange dial-pad tabs
Dialing pad tabs comes with the facility to rearrange and change the visibility of the tabs. With the updated Freedom OS, changing of sequence of tabs and customizing tabs according to users preference becomes possible.

3. Resizable list items and fonts for call logs
Taking customization to a new level, Swipe has introduced a unique feature. Now changing the display for call logs by resizing or listing items will be faster with the upgrade. The feature also includes multiple favorite contacts layout to choose and one can design the layout of favorite contacts to be in a list, 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns format.

4. Condensed font support
Condensed font support gives users an amazing additional feature, which can utilize screen space in a better way where in more details can be accommodated.

5. Low resolution photo filter
The new innovative tool by Swipe has an absolute amazing feature. If the contact picture is of a low resolution, the new Freedom OS automatically refines it to look sharper and better. If there is no photo for a particular contact, this feature color-codes the contact list automatically.

6. Fully-customizable quick actions
As promised, the upgraded “Freedom OS” gives its users the absolute freedom to customize. This feature allows the users to define certain actions as per their personal preferences based on on-screen as well as off-screen gestures. One can now decide what the phone should do when a slide action is performed on contact, i.e. if the user slides left, it can make a call, while if the user slides right, and it can go straight to an option of sending a text or nothing at all.

7. Customizable context menu items
This feature empowers the user with an ability to select and customize the context menu that one wants to see. For instance, to avoid accidently deleting a contact, the delete option can be disabled in the context menu.

8. One-handed mode support
This feature gives the user the complete control on the size of dial-pad. It can resize the dial pad to make it the way one wants and is specially designed for one-hand operation with the left-handed and right-handed alignment.

9. Contact photo style selector
With this feature, the shape of the contact pictures can be changed. Users can choose circular frame, square one or with rounded corners depending on their preference.

10. New lock screen with beautiful animations
When the screen is locked, the user has the option of choosing animated wallpaper.

11. Quick access app drawer and toggle switches for the lock screen
This is a unique feature with which Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity option can be switched off to save battery life, without unlocking the phone. This feature also allows to quick access to flashlight in one click. The quick access app drawer can be customized with favorite apps.

12. Offline password/pattern recovery
Now forgetting password will no longer cause any heartburn with the new feature available on Freedom OS 1.1. If the device is not connected to the Internet and the user has forgotten the password/pattern code, he can now unlock the phone by just answering a security question. The update is also equipped with multiple unlock modes to select from that enable the users to choose the method to unlock the phone with options such as slide to unlock or swipe right or left or up or down.

Mr Gandhi added, “With updated Freedom OS, we usher in an OS revolution in the Indian market. We are overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response and feedback we received for our Freedom OS. We are extremely grateful for the encouragement and support from the users, and are returning the love by breaking our very own unprecedented benchmark with an upgraded version.”

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