New Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay trailer unveiled

artImg198x166_15040The new trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins title gives a first look at gameplay, rumoured to come with multiplayer.

Warner Bros. has finally unveiled a trailer for the upcoming title of its wildly popular Batman: Arkham franchise, Batman: Arkham Origins, a game that gives us a chance to hear the new voice actors. Robert Craig plays Batman and his arch nemesis Joker has been given a voice over by Troy Baker.

The new video gives us a taste of what to expect in the third game in the Arkham franchise. It gives us a closer look at the game’s thugs, including the likes of Black Mask, Deathstroke, and the Joker.

The trailer just about two minutes long, has both cut-scenes as well as gameplay footage from the game. The combat style seems pretty similar to it’s predecessors, but we can expect something new with the gameplay elements, as well as new funky gadgets.

The trailer says “Your enemies will define you”, but we’ll have to wait and watch if Warner Bros will shower us with more information in the future. The game is a prequel to the first two instalments in Arkham series, so that makes it obvious that the events in the game would’ve happened before Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

The upcoming titles plot has eight villains that are all coming together in Gotham City on Christmas eve with only one thing in mind-kill ‘Batman’.

The trailer also shows Batman’s new gadget – the remote claw, allowing you to target on more than one enemy. There is also an Enhanced Detective Mode that seems to be much more powerful than detective mode of its previous installments.

It is also rumoured to come with multiplayer, the first time that a Batman: Arkham title will come with the feature. However, nothing was mentioned about the multiplayer at E3.

Batman: Arkham Origins is all set for a launch on October 25 and will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.