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New Accounting App to help Small and Medium Businesses, Start-ups & Self employed Individuals

Varun_BookeeperImagine the hassles that SMB’s, start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers go through on a day to day basis, when it comes to keeping a track of all the financial transactions they need to make – raise invoices, generate sales orders, issue purchase order, maintain outstanding receivables and payables along with generating various financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/C, Inventory Summary, Tax Computation… the list goes on and on. While it’s an obvious must, keeping a track of the financial status of the company is a tedious task, and requires professional help from tax consultants and accountants – an expense many start-ups and self employed individuals have secretly wanted to avoid!

Now, tedious accounting procedures are things of the past. BOOKKEEPER, an accounting based app, available on Android, iOS and Windows desktop platforms provides a simple user interface allowing accounting solutions on the move, that too offline.  The app allows an individual or firms to maintain financial records on Smart phones, Tablets or Personal Computers by just entering business transactions – on daily basis. It does all the double-entry accounting and generates various financial reports automatically, which can be exported in various formats like PDF, CSV, HTML; ready to be e-mailed or printed – all in real time.


Available on all major platforms, Book Keeper has already recorded 3.5 lakh downloads all over the world with 5000+ paid users from more than 15 countries. It is available as a free download from Google Play Store and App Store with a 30-day trial. After trial period expiry, it can be subscribed at a nominal fee of just Rs. 125/- per month.


Book Keeper allows the convenience of having the entire company books on one’s phone or tablet or PC, without the need to hire Accountants. One can manage all their books on their own – even without any prior accounting know-how and keep track of sales, purchases, expenses, receipts, profits, receivable, payable etc., all with just a tap!

Mr. Varun Mendiratta, the founder of Book Keeper App, talks about future plans, “We are planning to make Book Keeper compatible with TallyTM whereby one can sync Book Keeper data with TallyTM. We will also extend inventory management module adding new features like warehousing, alternate unit of measure etc, add new features like reconcile bank statements, cloud accounting – sync wirelessly across all three platforms, conduct webinars/online sessions, and introduce comprehensive video tutorials covering all features of the app.”

“With 60% of the users from India followed by US, UK, Book Keeper provides offline, cross-platform, stand-alone, easy-to-use accounting solution. Once you subscribe for Book Keeper, all updates are free,” Mr. Mendiratta added.


Features of Book Keeper:


·         Easy, double-entry offline accounting


Do all your accounting or book keeping directly from your smartphone or tablet without any internet connection. Keep track of sales, purchases, expenses, receipts, profits, receivable, payable etc., all with a tap!!!


·         Invoicing

Send professional invoices to your customers with ease while you are in the field. You can even add your company logo and signature to these invoices.

·         Outstanding Receivable/Payable Analysis


Real time visibility on outstanding receivables and payables with ageing analysis


·         Comprehensive financial reports


Book Keeper generates various financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/C, Inventory Summary, Tax Computation etc. All these reports allow you to dig deeper into your company’s financial status. These can be exported in various formats like PDF, CSV, HTML.

·         Operates on multiple devices & platforms


Access your company data on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets while you are in the field. At home or office, access the same data on your Windows laptop or PC.


·         Order generation


Generate sales orders, issue purchase order on the move. Email or print them real time

·         Inventory Management


Create individual inventory items with your own units of measure and record purchase or sale transaction of these items. Book Keeper automatically evaluates closing inventory based on FIFO. Manage your stock efficiently by real time visibility of stock, reduce damages and order optimum quantities.


·         Sync across 3 platforms


You can always move your company data among three platforms i.e. Android, iOS or Windows. Work on Android, Transfer to iPhone and Connect to your Desktop. Enjoy full cross-platform compatibility


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