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Netskope’s comment on Change Your Password Day I Mr. Richard Davis, Director, Product and Solution Strategy at Netskope

Richard Davis, Director of Product and Solution Strategy, Netskope:


“Annual awareness days like Change Your Password Day can be useful in serving as an opportunity to talk about cyber hygiene with employees, but there is a potential trap in seeing cyber awareness as a tick box exercise, just as annual cyber training can become too. The reality is that good cyber hygiene requires ongoing cultural shifts, with responsible behaviour clearly prioritised at (and communicated by) the highest levels of the business. I recommend organisations look for ways they can move these annual communications into ongoing dialogue – perhaps making use of AI to provide just-in-time user coaching at the point that a cyber or data protection risk is encountered.  More strategically, embracing a ‘zero trust’ enabled architecture ensures an organisation is reducing the risk exposure that a single employee represents, and does the work of a great many individual awareness days.”

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