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NETGEARIntroducesAffordable 10 Gigabit Copper Switches for SMBs

Revolutionizes10 Gigabit networking with first cost-effective 10GBASE-T Copper Plus, Smart, and Managed Switchesfor sub-500 user networks in business, education andgovernment-

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1st February 2013, New Delhi, India –NETGEAR, a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, has expanded its switching services with a full range of 10 Gigabit Copper (10GBASE-T) switches for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), government organizations, educational facilities and other networks supporting fewer than 500 users. The company has introduced three new switches(netgear.com/business/products/switches/) including the lightly managed ProSafe 8-port 10 Gigabit Plus Switch (XS708E) for small networks, the ProSafe 12-port 10 Gigabit Smart Switch (XS712T) for small and medium-sized networks and the ProSafe 24-port 10 Gigabit Copper M7100 series Managed Switch (XSM7224).


On the launch of 10 Gigabit Copper Switches for SMBs, Subhodeep Bhattacharya, Regional Director, NETGEAR said, “NETGEAR is a leading provider for Unmanaged and Smart Switches, and our first-to-market advantage in 10GBASE-T switches positions us as leaders in 10GbE switches as well. NETGEAR 10 Gigabit switch solutions features the latest developments in hardware and software engineering for higher accessibility, lower latency and power consumption and robust security, at industry-leading, affordable price points.”

10GBASE-T for medium-sized enterprise and campus-style networks

The NETGEAR ProSafe 24-Port 10 Gigabit Copper M7100 series Managed Switch (XSM7224) (www.netgear.com/managed/m7100) is the world’s first cost-effective 10GBASE-T departmental solution. The M7100 series (XSM7224) is ideal for installations requiring reliable, affordable and simple 10 Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack server access layer in enterprise and campus-style networks and for high-density, high-performance 10GbE aggregation. The M7100 series (XSM7224) consists of a fully managed, low-latency, line-rate 10GbE copper BASE-T switch solution; 24 ports of 10GBASE-T (RJ45) interfaces that support Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit speeds for server, storage and network progressive upgrade; and four ports of SFP+ interfaces that broaden 10 Gigabit connectivity for 1GbE/10GbE fiber uplinks and other DAC connections.


Like all NETGEAR products, the M7100 series (XSM7224) delivers more functionality with less difficulty: Auto-iSCSI optimization, private VLANs and Local Proxy ARP take the complexity out of delivering network services for virtualized servers and 10 Gigabit infrastructures. The M7100 series (XSM7224) delivers pure line-rate performance for top-of-rack virtualization or convergence, without having to pay the exorbitant acquisition and maintenance costs associated with other networking vendors.


10GBASE-T for small and medium networks

Thanks to NETGEAR, small and medium businesses, agencies and educational facilities are no longer priced out of 10 Gigabit switching solutions. The NETGEAR ProSafe 12-port 10 Gigabit Smart Switch (XS712T) (www.netgear.com/10gigabit/XS712T), offers twelve 10GbE copper connectivity ports and two shared 10GbE fiber SFP+ ports as well as an extensive set of Layer 2 network features through the easy-to-use web-based management interface that comes in all NETGEAR Smart Switches. In addition to VLAN support for traffic segmentation, QoS for traffic prioritization, advanced security and IGMP snooping, the switch also provides advanced features such as dynamic VLAN assignment, double VLAN tagging, ACL binding, static routing, and MLP snooping. In small and medium-sized networks, the XS712T can be used as the core switch, providing 10 Gigabit connections to servers and storage devices. The XS712T can also be used as an aggregation switch in medium-to-larger-sized networks, where it can be connected to the new ProSafe M7100 series Managed Switch (XSM7224) at the core.


10G-BASE-T for smaller networks

It’s not only large businesses and government agencies that are experiencing network stress as a result of the proliferation of Big Data applications. The NETGEAR ProSafe 8-port 10 Gigabit Plus Switch (XS708E) (www.netgear.com/10gigabit/XS708E) provides eight 10G copper connectivity ports and one shared 10G fiber SFP+ port, at a very affordable price point comparable to enterprise switches. With 10GBASE-T, customers can use the standard RJ45 Ethernet jack and the Cat6 or Cat7 copper cable already broadly deployed within their existing network. The network speed can be improved tenfold from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit with minimal network changes. As part of the NETGEAR ProSafe Plus Switch product family, the 10 Gigabit ProSafe Plus Switch offers some fundamental features beyond those of plug-and-play Unmanaged Switches. These features, for optimizing network performance, include VLAN support, QoS, IGMP snooping, port trunking, rate limiting, and traffic monitoring. The XS708E 10G ProSafe Plus Switch is ideal for smaller organizations —whether businesses, agencies or educational facilities— considering simple and affordable 10GE connectivity for their 10G-capable servers and storage devices.

Pricing and Availability:

The NETGEAR ProSafe 24-port 10 Gigabit Copper M7100 series Managed Switch is available in India for Rs.4, 79,400 (approx). The ProSafe 12-port 10 Gigabit Smart Switch will begin shipping late in the first quarter for Rs.1,50,000(approx.) and the ProSafe 8-port 10 Gigabit Plus Switch is also currently available with the authorized distributors of NETGEAR in India at a price point of Rs.84,000 (approx.). All NETGEAR switches provide world-class reliability and are backed by the industry-leading ProSafe Lifetime Hardware Warranty and 24×7 technical support that connects businesses directly with experienced switching experts.



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