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“Myla’s mission is to provide digital liberation and empowerment to the people present at the grass- root level of our economy”.- Sidharth Kulbhaskar, Founder & Director, Myla.in

"Myla's mission is to provide digital liberation and empowerment to the people present at the grass- root level of our economy".- Sidharth Kulbhaskar, Founder & Director, Myla.in

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Sidharth Kulbhaskar, Founder & Director, Myla.in

Saumya: Tell us about Myla, and how your journey started?

Sidharth: I am a serial entrepreneur with varied business interests ranging from Oil and Gas, Shipping, Marine and offshore, Food and beverages, properties, etc. Myla.in is my latest venture with a couple of my associates, whom I have known since my school days. We have been curious about how the digital revolution constantly transforms the world. Modern technologies have changed the way we interact and communicate. It has also bridged the gap between the people and the availability of products and services. This factor drove us to venture into this start-up by creating a Super app offering myriad services.

Saumya: Demand for home services is gradually increasing in India, what are your plans to maintain the optimal growth?

Sidharth: Myla’s mission is to provide digital liberation and empowerment to the people present at the grass- root level of our economy. The objective is to revolutionize the way services are delivered to the customers in 21st century Digital India. Myla.in will be soon launching the Myla Super App for to take its operations to a new level. The start-up vision is to make the majority of the Indian unorganized service provider workforce a part of digital India. The approach of the founders of Myla. is to empower the unorganized service providers of India with the end-to-end digital capability. In this regard, we aim not only for the domestic market but also for the global market.

Saumya: A company like yours opens a whole new level of opportunity for digital empowerment of vendors, enlightening some facts on the same?

Sidharth: As a new-age digital platform, our core business model enables connectivity between skilled professional and service users. By registering onto Myla. in, any service provider can benefit from a full-fledged digital shop that gives them an assorted and streamlined experience of doing business. In essence, the service providers have to bring their skills and tools to the job, and all other digital business support is given to them by Myla.in. Anyone can register for free on Myla. We have a membership structure in that vendors can avail themselves of a “pro-vendor” status. Myla charges a very minimal commission, so ours is a Freemium Model of business.

Saumya: -Tell us about your global expansion and how do you plan to cater the consumers in the best possible way?

Sidharth: On the customer side, Myla.in has taken advantage of rapid urbanization, leading to nuclear families with higher disposable incomes but less leisure time, where families want hassle-free service providers at beck and call. The accelerated digitization process that has migrated from goods to services, also impacted Myla.in to cater to the shifting preferences of customers. Myla Global is a part of our global expansion that has helped us position ourselves across countries like: US, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia among many others.

Saumya: Share some insights upon your observation & Insights on the Startup ecosystem in India?

Sidharth: India has numerous technology-led startups coming up and these new tech startups have now become major indicators of growth not only in the startup ecosystem but in the economy as well. As per government reports the total of 72,993 startups registered in India over the past six years generated about 7.68 lakh jobs over this period. All of this goes on to show that, the Indian startup space is filled with possibilities, innovations, and opportunities.

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