March 5, 2021

Myanmar mobile license has attracted different world level operators like China Mobile, MTN, Vodafone

Different telco operators worldwide wants to bid for Myanmar telco license which will be issued for 20 years. Two applications are still not submitted to obtain the license by any operators as per news came Myanmar Government. So, Vodafone & China Mobile has joined forces to enter into this country & operate as a single

Singtel, AIS, PLDT, Telkom Indonesia, Airtel and KDDI were some of the well known regional operators interested to buy a foothold in this telco license remaining in the country. George Soros’s Quantum Strategic Partners and local investor Yoma Strategic Partners were helping DigiCel the telco operator to participate in this unique bid.

60 million is the expected young and highly literate population & 5.5 percent per annum is the GDP growth rate. On the other hand mobile penetration is quite low i.e. around 10 percent & slowly Myanmar is turning out to be global telco market.

The two new licences will authorise the licence holders to build, own and operate a mobile network on a nationwide basis for an initial term of 15 years as per comment passed on by Vodafone.

Since 2000 Vodafone the UK’s premium mobile operator purchased a stake in China Mobile & from then both the companies were working as a partner, since 2010 the stake was sold by Vodafone but again started to handle the technical operations in the early 2011.

Source-Telecom Seva