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Mudrex Muhurat Investing Campaign Attracts 40,000+ Users on Diwali with Zero Fees

Crypto investors from Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad take lead. 
Bengaluru, November 20th, 2023: Mudrex, the global crypto investment platform with headquarters in Bengaluru and San Francisco, announces the success of its Muhurat Investing campaign. On 12th November, the platform experienced an impressive surge in activity, with over 40,000 users transacting on the platform during Muhurat Investing.

63% of users invested in Coin Sets such as BTC 50: ETH 50 and Crypto Blue Chip. The platform also saw a sizable proportion of users opting for SIPs —these actions indicate a shift towards considering crypto as a serious investment for the long run rather than just a speculative asset for quick gains. The platform witnessed over 1,000 investments exceeding $100, indicating a growing trend of substantial transactions.

Furthermore, Mudrex saw a regional diversity in user participation, with 70% of users hailing from major metropolitan areas, including Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. The remaining 30% of users came from non-metro cities.

Commenting on this, CEO & Co-founder, Mr Edul Patel said, “Muhurat investing and trading is a practice well-established in the stock market, which is now gaining traction in the crypto world too. We witnessed a substantial influx of users embracing this tradition on our platform. The impressive number of participants reaffirms the growing interest and trust in Mudrex as a reliable destination for crypto investments. We look forward to continuing to provide our users with innovative features and a seamless experience as they explore the exciting possibilities within the crypto space”.

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