January 26, 2021

Mu Sigma Launches First Social Media Analytics Solution Designed for Large Enterprises

muWebfluenz E combines packaged and customizable algorithms plus premium social media feeds to instantly reveal key insights within social media conversations

mu-sigma-logo Mu Sigma (www.mu-sigma.com), the world’s largest pure-play provider of decision sciences and  analytics solutions, is bringing social media analytics up market with the launch of muWebfluenz  E, the first social media analytics solution designed for large enterprises. muWebfluenz E  combines both packaged and customizable algorithms plus premium social media feeds, enabling  enterprises to make better decisions, faster, with:

– Access to more relevant data – both real-time and historical;

– Categorization and classification of mentions captured through customizable algorithms;

– Analysis of both structured and unstructured data with ease; and

– Ability to scale their social media analysis efforts.

According to a September 2014 report from Micromarket Monitor, the global social media analytics market is expected to grow from $2,827 million in 2014 to $8,411 million in 2019, representing an estimated CAGR of 24.37%. The market drivers include better consumer insight, branding of company products, and the improved ability to respond to customer wants and needs.

Until now, large enterprises that wanted to monitor and analyze social media used low-end generic tools or built their own in-house solutions. Low-end tools are generally too light for their needs and can’t scale, and the BYO option requires a lot of time, money and a skillset that’s very difficult to find.

muWebfluenz E – the E stands for Enterprise – solves the challenges of scale and implementation. A combination of software and custom services, muWebfluenz E is Mu Sigma’s first social media analytics release since its acquisition of Webfluenz in July. The muWebfluenz platform – in use by major brands and agencies including Nivea, Omnicom Worldwide and Fleishman Hillard – is now the basis for all of Mu Sigma’s social media analytics offerings.

“Our experience in working with Fortune 500 companies on social media analytics is that they want to evaluate both structured and unstructured content from the real-time web as well as internal sources. However, current solutions in the market can’t handle that need,” said Deepinder Dhingra, Head of Products at Mu Sigma. “muWebfluenz E combines machine learning with human intelligence in order to solve a vexing problem for enterprise marketers.”

Some of the technologies Mu Sigma leverages in muWebfluenz E include Natural Language Processing and advanced text mining.

Several Mu Sigma customers are already utilizing muWebfluenz E for use cases such as custom categorization of customer complaints, identifying early warning signals of product defects, and gaining a comprehensive perspective of brand health and sentiment based on insights from millions of social media sources.

muWebfluenz E is available for deployment immediately. Pricing varies based on custom algorithms and choice of premium social media feeds. Learn more at www.mu-sigma.com.