MSI MOA: No Limits to Your Overclocking Imagination

msi26-6-13The motherboard and graphics card manufacturer MSI, officially announced 2013 MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) is entering its 6th anniversary.  MSI’s MOA is a hallowed battleground for the world’s overclocking masters. Every year, MSI invites worldwide overclocking gurus through on-line qualifiers for a high-tech showdown.

To respond to the spirit of “NO LIMITS” this year, MSI’s MOA once again found the world’s best overclockers to compete, without limits in the grand contest to become the world’s new overclocking master. This year you can easily win some of MSI’s newest Intel 8 series motherboards with the MOA Q&A event.

This includes prizes for winners and lucky draw events for series GAMING Motherboards and Graphics cards on Facebook. No Limits to your Overclocking Imagination. For more detailed information, please visit the event page on Facebook