Mr. Ankit Sharma, Director, Airific Systems introduces UV Heal SafeAir- to break the spread of airborne diseases including viruses such as COVID-19

IT Voice:-Please highlight your plans for the Indian Market?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-There’s a long way to go, we’ve only gotten started. UVHeal is an important product for us, and we will keep trying to bring in new technology to UVHEAL™ SAFE AIR. We also have something very cool and interesting coming up for people at home. Very soon you will be able to breathe safe air at your homes too, and we hope to bring you this technology within the next few months.

IT Voice:-What kind of value do you provide to your customer with your solutions?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-UVHeal safe Air uses UVGI technology to disinfect the air in the centralized Air Conditioning / HVAC systems. The product once installed is said to kill viruses of airborne disease such as covid-19 and other harmful microorganisms and bacteria’s which in turn keeps the health of the occupants safe. Did you know that there is a term that coined in the West called “Sick Buildings”, this is a term that has been recalled over and over again over the last several years. The reason for buildings being termed as “sick” is the bad quality of air circulation. Mold and fungi accumulation are common themes in Air Circulation units, and many people are allergic to such exposure. Therefore UVGI technology has been used extensively to eradicate these kinds of problems, and it is my goal to bring the same to India

IT Voice:-What are the sectors you’re targeting in India?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-In India, we are targeting a large number of sectors such as hospitals, hotels, malls, large commercial complexes, and public places. UV Heal Safe Air can easily be installed in the HVAC systems of any property without any modifications. In the current scenario, the majority of firms are steadily resuming operations, we cater to the likes of everyone who is looking to create a healthy atmosphere in their organizations.

IT Voice:-What are the Challenges and disruption in India for UV Heal?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-Covid has been harsh for everyone. Across industries, we’ve been able to see the turmoil. Being initiated during the Covid, the journey began with a few hiccups but with god’s grace, things are pretty stable now. As more awareness about the UVGI technology and how important is to breathe fresh and clean air is inhibited amongst the consumers we’re looking forward to further expand our footprint.

IT Voice:-How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in India?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-I don’t try to differentiate from a competitor. I believe to add value to my services and focus on things that are lacking. 

IT Voice:-How big is the business at the moment in India?

Mr. Ankit Sharma:-We are exploring the business in the Indian market and we have invested 25 lakhs personally.