Microsoft Outlook for Android Now Allows Users to Disregard Chats

Microsoft Outlook’s newest update on Android permits users to send overlooked chats straight to the trash. The Overlook Chats feature has been made accessible for the desktop application momentarily. It is now releasing to Android likewise. The company is hoping to update and it will help the users to focus on what is vital. The update is offered for Android devices on version 4.2041.3. Users can opt to retrieve a chat after ignoring it too, providing it is still in the Deleted Items folder.

This feature is stated on Google Play Store by Microsoft as they have said that users are often tired of company-wide emails which they are still replying to. Therefore, they have said to stay focused on what’s important by getting it and all future replies out of the user’s inbox and directly into deleted items with their latest Ignore Conversation feature.

It will assist Android users to de-clutter their chats as well as their email threads. This feature will also send recent and future replies to the trash bin.


Image from Microsoft


To neglect a chat, users have to select it or an email in the thread and then select Ignore and Ignore Conversation. It is even likely to un-ignore the chats by selecting it from the Deleted Items folder yourself, nonetheless only if it is still existing in the folder.

This feature can be used on Android devices subsequently downloading the newest version of the application on Google Play Store.

The company, Microsoft had currently rolled out some updates for iOS too. They had added mouse and trackpad support for iPad for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It has correspondingly added support for dragging and putting files and pictures between applications by using Split View.