January 21, 2021

Mr A K Bhuwania,Chairman At VXL Instruments Reveals His strategies For Business In India

Mr A K Bhuwania,Chairman At VXL Instruments

Mr A K Bhuwania,Chairman At VXL Instruments

Mr A K Bhuwania,Chairman At VXL Instruments
Mr A K Bhuwania,Chairman At VXL Instruments

IT Voice: Can you share your present focus of operations in India?

Mr A K Bhuwania: VXL specializes in the manufacture of thin clients and zero clients, as a result, is sharply focused on continuously improving the quality of wide range of products. Being world leader in Thin Client and related Server Based Computing technology, we ensure customers receive the highest return on their investments, through a low cost of ownership, enhanced reliability and without any comprise on an enriched user experience.Moreover, end users including Corporates from various industries, Public Sector departments, healthcare and education providers across several countries and of all sizes use VXL products to leverage our Global experience and local Indian expertise, while meeting their stringent quality standards. VXL’s innovation and tie-ups with the largest systems integrators worldwide will help the company’s target of doubling its market share by 2016.

IT Voice: How user can gain from utility computing?

Mr A K Bhuwania: The expectations of the customers have changed, and the thin clients are getting more and more powerful, and offering a similar computing experience to the desktop. At VXL our efforts are to make the thin clients leaner and meaner, while making these products “Environment Friendly”. In addition, our focus and commitment enables us to help companies around the world to create efficient IT infrastructures that are not only flexible, secure, manageable but affordable as well.

IT Voice: How do you look at the cloud market in India?

Mr A K Bhuwania: According to an IDC report, the market of thin clients will continue growing at about 6-7% and by 2018 these devices are expected to reach 7.6 million unit shipments worldwide. The report further states that in 2014 during a transition period of IT upgrades, thin clients were competing directly and intensely with commercial PCs for markets share. The usage of cloud is increasing in India, and is expected to grow by 70%. Our thin clients can enable users to access data on the cloud, thereby helping companies to take complete advantage of the cloud environment they may have in place or planning to add to their resource pool.

IT Voice:  What is the security aspects provided with cloud?

Mr A K Bhuwania: Our capabilities offered by thin clients have improved tremendously over time. Manageability is one of the key benefits of a thin client, or network-centric architecture approach. Moreover, our flexible thin client solutions can utilize the specific advantages of provisioning technologies to deliver cloud computing in a more effective way. Our cloud-oriented thin client solutions are characterized by web-based desktop management and support, using Internet protocols like HTTP or FTP. The VXL Device

Management tools enable IT administrators to secure their infrastructure and userdesktops to meet the strictest security protocols.

 IT Voice: Please tell us about your channel strategies and service network?

Mr A K Bhuwania: We are 100% percent channel- driven company. Therefore, partners play an absolutely critical role in supporting our overall strategy. Hence, our go-to-market strategy would be more concentrated to drive business in the developing areas and segments by joining hands with different partners. We will continue the engagement and further strengthen our ties with the partners. Our main focus is going to be on channel as they are the one who help us in understanding customers better and to deliver best-in class solution in accordance with customers need. Moreover, we would look to add more partners to increase our reach as we have segmented the business further. Partners have already been appointed to cater different verticals. Furthermore, we manufacture and supply more reliable products according to customers’ needs. We design and build systems without compromising on quality and an ISO

9001:2000 status demonstrates a real commitment to quality manufacturing and design. Through strong partnerships with leading software and hardware producers such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware to name a few, we are able to build systems that will work both now and in the future. Our main motive is to satisfy our clients with best-in-quality products with great efficiency.

IT Voice: Mention in what ways cloud architecture provide automation and performance transparency?

Mr A K Bhuwania: We are seeing smart applications originating from linking sensors, IoT, terminals, and cloud computing. The increasing adoption of cloud-based applications, where a major portion of processing and storage is saved on the cloud, will only boost the demand of thin clients. Some key benefits that organizations can achieve by combining the power of thin clients with cloud computing: More Flexibility: Cloud computing and thin clients allow for much greater flexibility in remote access than traditional computing environments. It also increases productivity without increasing operational IT challenges. Moreover, users can access their files, programs and email from anywhere. Cost Efficiency: As thin clients comprise of few moving parts, there are lesser chances of any breakage which means longer life span. In addition, these machines let the cloud do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to making computations, saving documents and sharing files, their power consumption is much lower, leading to lower costs and reduced energy needs. Greater Satisfaction: Bringing a thin client into a cloud computing environment gives end users all of the benefits of a desktop PC without facing the challenges that typically accompany “fat” computers. Higher Security: Surveys like the aforementioned IDC study prove that users expect ever increasing competence from cloud computing providers when it comes to data security. Thin clients benefits network administrators by eliminating the chance for physical data loss and lessening concerns about client integrity. At cloud level, operating system hotfixes, program patches and antivirus protection can all be controlled by minimizing the time and cost.

 IT Voice: What are your upcoming technologies in India in 2015?

Mr A K Bhuwania: We are introducing a new Intel Baytrail (quad core) based Thin Client this month. Our endeavor is to continuously increase the performance of our products, thereby increasing the satisfaction of our channel partners and end customers. We are also releasing our management suite called Fusion which will be modular. Fusion is an enterprise level management suite, with features such as IT asset management and many more. This will be more of a “complete” management suite rather than one just for thin clients. We have other products/solutions lined up for release later on in the year (fiscal). Do watch out in this space.

IT Voice: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Mr A K Bhuwania: Today, businesses should seriously consider an eco-friendly approach to computing with thin clients as it drastically cuts down on power consumption and carbon emissions “Go green with thin client computing”. The TCO benefits are extremely significant as well and start from Year 1 itself.

About VXL Instruments

Established in 1976, VXL is a global leader in thin client, cloud computing devices and has been manufacturing world-class thin client devices for over three decades providing a high quality range of high-specification models that are made to the most exacting standards. This single-minded focus on thin clients and commitment to product quality is at the core of what VXL represents today together with a passion to support companies around the world to successfully build efficient IT infrastructures that are flexible, secure, manageable and affordable.

VXL’s world-renowned ‘Itona’ brand of thin clients continues to go from strength to strength and includes its latest SoC (System-on-Chip) and dual / quad core high-performance desktops thin clients plus Xtona and Vtona zero clients, and leading software solutions including VXL Managament Suite and XtenD repurposing software.

VXL’s corporate HQ and manufacturing is based in Bangalore, India’s ‘Silicon Valley’, with the Americas Group HQ based in Houston, Texas and the European HQ in Manchester, UK. Dedicated Sales and Support offices are also based in key strategic markets including Germany, France and Singapore.Know more about VXL Instruments at www.vxl.net.in