Motorola Working On Electronic Tattoo That Can Take Calls

fz0X11923PM1192013Motorola is reportedly working on an electronic tattoo, which will serve as a transceiver for smartphones. According to reports, the Google-owned company has filed a patent for making the tattoo. In this, the receiver and microphone of a smartphone are tattooed on the user’s skin and can then become a wearable device, which connects with smartphones and tablets. The patent was first spotted by technology mainstay Engadget. It is called Coupling An Electronic Skin Tattoo To A Mobile Communication Device.

According to the Motorola patent, the tattoo is inked on a person’s neck and will reportedly send information using Bluetooth, Zigbee or NFC connections. Further, the electronic tattoo apparently takes the sounds and vibrations from a person’s throat, which does away with the background noises that may or may not be present. The tattoo apparently also has a display along user interface, which can allow users to input commands.

Of course, Motorola has only filed for the patent now and a real commercially viable version of this technology may come sometime in the distant future. In fact, the electronic tattoo is not the only innovation that Motorola is working on. The company has also been working on what is known as Project Ara, which aims to create a modular smartphone.