Mobogenie launches the newest versions of its Mobogenie 2.0 android Store

  • Smart and highly intuitive exploration, making exploring  simpler and easier than any other android store available
  • Easy to use with chic and clean design, no login and registration, download apps in one-click with tap of the finger.
  •  Speed up now feature with built-in cleaner that does away with junk.

 With immense success of its earlier versions, Mobogenie today launched its latest next generation android store and entertainment hub named as ‘Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store’. The new version is loaded with unparalleled charms, functions and features that will take user experience to an entirely new level. Many users have already made the jump from other android stores available and based on the stunning new Mobogenie 2.0 Android store’s latest offering, the trend will surely continue.

image001 (12)Smart and highly intuitive exploration: The new version Mobogenie 2.0 aims to redefine how users interact with their smartphone, featuring smart and highly intuitive exploration for easy access to apps, games, pictures & wallpapers, videos, e-books. Mobogenie puts its ‘users first’ and knows that one of the keys to enjoyable user experience is clear design, and Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store features a minimal, eye-catching user interface geared towards ease of use and maximum functionality.

Ease-of-use with chic and clean design: Mobogenie’s ease of use sets it apart from other major players in the market. Resources can be downloaded with a tap of the finger, with no need to log-in and waste time. Indeed, by the time you register and log in with other all-in-one stores, you could have downloaded and started using several applications on Mobogenie. Meanwhile, the scroll-through design allows for endless exploration with the flick of a finger, all while making sure the hottest content stays instantly accessible. The top navigation toolbar allows for seamless selecting between content categories at all times, while a swipe to the right gives the user access to a detailed sidebar, allowing for simple management of downloaded files, backing up data to PC, and sharing with friends via major social networking platforms.

Built-in cleaner: Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store is one of the few all-in-one stores on the market with a built-in clean up feature. Cleaning can help you free up more memory and get rid of unwanted junk, such as space unnecessarily taken up during app installs and uninstalls, allowing you to make sure your smartphone is running at its absolute best.

Truly Local with highly localized content to suit user tastes: Since the dizzying amount of apps on the market can make it hard to know which are worth the download, Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store provides you with a thoughtful, localized selection of the best and gives suggestions based on user tags and big data. Mobogenie is committed to bringing the most relevant local experience to users, with global offices covering all continents that make sure content stays localized. On-point recommendations in all content categories make it easy to find what’s best and eliminate the hassle of finding quality products through trialand-error. The adventuresome will also find there is a lot of exploring to be done, with endless scroll-through searching and a huge selection.

‘User protection is of prime importance to us, and ease of installation does not come at the expense of privacy or security. We ensure user safety by making sure all our available content has been thoroughly scanned with up-to-the-minute versions of Kaspersky, Norton, and MacAfee anti-virus software’ said Abhishek Parihar

With 440 million installations to date, Mobogenie 2.0 Android Store is fast becoming the leading all-in-one choice android store for users the world over. Available in more than 23 languages, it makes user-friendly design accessible to locals everywhere. Mobogenie offers the only all-in-one Android Store with features that no other app store in the industry can beat, free to download for smartphone users everywhere.

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