MindMeister For Glass Enables Users To Insert Ideas Into Mind Maps While On The Go

“The Geistesblitz tools are designed to capture ideas at exactly those times when a user is not logged into MindMeister or has no access to their account,” explains MeisterLabs Managing Director, Till Vollmer,. “They allow users to quickly submit ideas to their default mind map, where they’re stored for them to copy to other maps, or to edit and expand inside the default map at a later time.”

Geistesblitz, (‘gæstes blîts), literally translated as mind flash, is a sudden insight or idea, often brilliant and unexpected. Consisting of the German words Geist (as in “Zeitgeist”) and Blitz (English: “flash”), it is best translated into English as “brain wave” or “flash of genius.”

Until now, a Geistesblitz could be sent to MindMeister via various dashboard widgets, browser extensions, emails, text messages and tweets. “But what’s special about MindMeister for Glass is that, for the first time, you can capture your ideas without using your hands or fingers. All you need is the simple voice command ‘OK Glass, take a note with MindMeister’ to activate the Glassware, and then say your idea out loud. We all know that some of the best ideas come to us in the seemingly worst of times – while we’re on the rowing machine in the gym, driving a car, or pulling the weeds in the garden. With MindMeister for Glass, none of those brilliant ideas will ever get lost again.” 

Source : EFY Times

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