Mindgrub Games Releases Windsquire: Race From Dragon Castle

Thursday, November 28, 2013:  After years of client-focused mobile game development since releasing their latest mobile gaming IP and a successful month of beta testing, Mindgrub Games is proud to announce the release of its newest title, Windsquire: Race from Dragon Castle.

A casual mobile game, Windsquire combines skill-based racing and maze-like obstacles across five themed stages featuring 100 unique levels, character customizations and social sharing with friends. Optimized for iOS and Android devices including iPads and tablets, Windsquire can be played on almost any device with Nook and Kindle builds coming soon.
Free to download in the iTunes Appstore and Google Play, this fantasy themed game offers rich storylines including magical wind runes, swords, dragons, armor and the ability to fly through an epic castle you must escape! “This is the best game we’ve created yet, benefiting from significant R+D and previous client projects. We’ve never made a game quite like this- it offers a lot of exciting action and value with an addicting experience you’ll have trouble putting down,” reports Alex Hachey, Associate Creative Director at Mindgrub Technologies.
After beta launching Windsquire at the Boston Festival of Indie Games with nearly 300 respondents, the Mindgrub Games team received and incorporated significant user-feedback, honing in on level and feature designs to meet the demands of their ever-growing user-base.