Microsoft’s Windows Store now has 50,000 apps: MetroStore Scanner

Microsoft’s Windows Store has gone past 50,000 apps after almost six months of the launch. The figures are not official from Microsoft but come from tracking website MetroStore Scanner.


MetroStore Scanner says Windows Store currently has 50,304 apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT, while there are an average of about 279 apps developed daily in March alone. The site also points out this is the first month of this year when Microsoft has posted a surge in app development. Since November, the app development was on a slump.

Microsoft had hit a high note for the app development for Windows 8 in November when it averaged 468 apps developed on a daily basis. Following months, however, saw a decline. December averaged 412 apps while January saw 174 apps. February was the worst with only 142 apps.

The company has been making various efforts to boost the number of apps in its Windows app stores. Microsoft recently announced a new initiative called ‘Keep the Cash’ under which it offered developers $100 per app they develop for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. Developers are allowed to develop up to 10 apps per OS for a grand total of $2000.

Figures provided by MetroStore Scanner show Windows Store has posted higher growth rate than Apple’s App store, which has about 140,000 apps. TechCrunch points out it is unfair to compare the two as Windows 8 also includes Windows RT for tablets, while there are 376,144 iPad apps.

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