March 5, 2021

Microsoft’s SharePoint to benefit Yes Bank

YES Bank has selected Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to automate 150 processes to reduce turnaround time for its customers, improve efficiency, make real-time business intelligence available for its employees and help serve customers better.


The deployment of SharePoint has made it possible to reduce the processes time from 5–7 days to just 3–4 days, which translated into a 40% reduction in turnaround time. New employees can gain a better understanding of the functioning of the bank by the creation of individual discussion forums and personal blogs. Creation of rich dashboards has helped YES Bank in analyzing the latest and real-time information to quickly identify key opportunities and trends

Amit Sethi, CIO, YES Bank, said, “YES BANK has carved a niche amongst peers in being the youngest and most technologically savvy Bank. It is part of our organizational psyche to adapt technological advancements and systems that shrink turnaround timelines, thus effectively bringing in more efficiency. The experience of running SharePoint 2010 on multiple form-factors has been quite remarkable. SharePoint is the new way to work together providing a simplified user experience for our employees, helping them to organize sync and share content. We have derived numerous benefits from SharePoint, helping us serve our customers better than before.”